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Jul 28, 2008 12:48 PM

Best lunch salad option downtown?

I need to turn over a new leaf and eat more leafy greens. I've heard of Mixt Greens which I'm thinking of checking out today and I know Seller's Market also has some nice organic salad options. Wondering what everyone's favorite spots are for salads using organic ingredients in the downtown/financial/embarcadero area?

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  1. Mixt, hands down. Sellers Market is overpriced and of much lower quality. Their menu talks a big game but the food does not live up.

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      Had Mixt for lunch today. Pretty good. Doesn't have to be a $12 salad if you can reign yourself in and not go for all the pricey extras...

    2. don't know if they're organic or not, but I used to go to Wildflower Cafe fairly often when I was in the area

      1. Soupfreaks on Mission just off New Montgomery. It's not a salad bar, they make the salad for you and have a few options. They are all organic.

        The Sentinel (New Montgomery) also has a salad option, don't know if they are strictly organic, but I'm sure they use high quality ingredients.

        1. I don't know if they are organic but Julie's Kitchen has a big salad bar as does Birley's Sandwiches.