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ISO - NY style square knishes?

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Anyone know where to get them other than via the Net?


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  1. Good Luck I have been here 8 years and have yet to find one.Even the jewish deli's here can not do a proper square knish!!
    Just have to go back to Ny a few times a year or I have had actually had friends overnight them to me, they travel okay, tend to get crumbly.

    1. Try Marty D's in Beverly Hills. Square potato knishes. Very crisp.

      1. I am not 100% sure of the shape, but Billy's Deli in Glendale is good

        (and Gabilla's does ship overnight..www.gabilas.com)

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          The knishes at Marty D's are in fact Gabila's.

        2. You might try Brent's Deli in Northridge. I know they have them and the food there is pretty good, but I don't know how their knish stacks up against the classics of NYC.

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            No Brent's does not have square knishes. Marty D's are the only ones I've found and I've looked for years.

          2. I have never seen them... I just order from Yonah Schimmel.

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              Das U - you order them? How has that worked out?

              I try to get to Yonah for a knish a couple of times a year when I'm in NY - neat place.

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                They ship frozen rock-hard and arrive kind of semi-frozen (still below the "danger zone" though). The shipping is very expensive. Since I have been going to New York a lot I get my fix and can bring them home in my luggage, which works better.

                You can't heat from frozen, though -- you have to put them on a draining rig so that the water has someplace to go, and they end up a little shrivelled. Then you bake them in the toaster oven (not the microwave, ew chewy) and they're OK. Not like fresh though.

                Also, I went to Billy's on Thursday and I can state categorically that they do not have square knishes; only round.

            2. At one time before their expansion beyond two locations, Tommy Pastrami used to serve square knishes. They might have been Gabila's - not certain.

              I just checked their online menu, and didn't see knishes. If you're in looking in OC, ask if they still serve them.


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                I think it's Gabila's style that I'm after - love Yonah Schimmel's, but it's that hard, square, golden fried potato puck that I'm craving.

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                  The Professor's post reminded me that I wanted to try Tommy's knishes. I lke the sandwiches because the bread is very good and the meat is above the norm. Anyway, Ii was driving past the Beach Blvd. location yesterday on my way to Wing's N Things and stopped in.

                  "hard, square, golden fried potato puck" Well, mabye at one time it was hard because it appeared to have been golden deep fried from the outsde. It was about 3" X 3" square and maybe 1" thick. I really think the one they gave me ($3.50?) was was warmed over via microwave becsuse the tug and chew of the outside crust had a leather-like tug and a rubber-like chew. The inside was moist and had the NY smell and flavor of seasoned mashed potato. I will return for the sandwiches but if I ever try the potato puck again will request that it be fresh fried.

                  God bless Mrs Stahl's and those Knishes back on Brighton Beach Ave., (now moved)

                  Maybe check out my old post on topic

              2. Hey, I just had some good knishes at The Stand in Westwood (a hot dog joint)!!

                The Stand

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                  There's another Stand in Century City, in the Century Park Towers on CPE and Olympic (behind CAA).

                2. Ken and Kent's NY Style Deli in Hermosa Beach has square knishes. They also serve the best pastrami Ive ever had. Very tender and moist and flavorful.

                  1. I'm fairly sure I've seen Gabila's Knishes in the frozen-foods section of at least one of the kosher markets on Pico. (I think it was at the market one block east of Beverly Drive, on the northeast corner just a store or two west of Nagila Pizza.)

                    Also, my neighborhood Ralphs (Westwood) sells Cohen's knishes in its kosher frozen-foods section. They are disc-shaped, not square, but are IMO otherwise identical in flavor and texture to the type of knish the OP seeks.

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                      i heat the cohen knish on the griddle, close my eyes, and i swear i can hear
                      the "D" train in the background

                    2. I live in north San Diego County. My local Albertson's supermarket carries 4-packs of Gabila's knishes in the frozen section, and they go for 4 dollars a box.

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                        Thanks to all. I really appreciate the advice.

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                          Thanks to all. I really appreciate the advice.

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                            We live in the University Towne Center area of San Diego, just east of La Jolla and on University Towne Center Drive behind the University Towne Center Mall there is a small shopping center called "Rennaissance" and in that shopping center there is a store run by Israelis called Rennaissance Produce. At my behest, they ordered the Gabilas Square Knishes four packs from the same supplier that supplies the Albertson's up in Encinitas and they now carry them. They charge a bit more for them, $6 a box, but for me that is better than driving to Encinitas to get them.

                          2. The factory is now reopened. In full swing. Shipping all over. Where are gabilla Knishes being sold in San diego