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Jul 28, 2008 12:18 PM

ISO Good Beef Chow Fun .... Dutchess/Ulster/Orange Counties?

Just like the title says, looking for good basic beef chow fun in one of the titled counties.

To give you an idea of what I'm looking for, it should be flavorful, with a good brown sauce, tender beef, and not too many additional vegetables... The best I've found is in Chinatown on Canal St., but haven't found anything comparable up here. I'm certainly willing to spend a couple of bucks more than the $7 I pay down there...

Extra credit for something in New Paltz.... A guy can dream, can't he???


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  1. I don't know if it's on their menu, but in Rhinebeck there's a place I believe is called China Rose that gets rave reviews from many of my friends.

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    1. re: JessNY

      I am pretty sure that China Rose does NOT have any chow fun on their menu.

      I've sampled chow fun at many of the ubiquitous take-out joints in Dutchess, and not yet found one with a sufficient quantity of brown sauce (good or not). most of the time, there are so many noodles and insufficient sauce so that the noodles stick together. have not tried it yet at my favorite Golden Wok on Rt. 9 in Red Hook half a block south of the traffic light at the main intersection in town.

      1. re: Mike in Rhinebeck

        Thanks for the tips... still looking, though.

        BobGaj, any tips?

        1. re: georgeb

          nope, sorry, can't offer any. i can't find any chinese places that are really outstanding; the mill house panda (pok version, not rhinebeck) is decent, but i wouldn't recommend a lengthy drive for it; just better than most of what's around. i didn't care much for china rose...

          what i've tended to do when i have a craving is go to one of the asian food stores (i'm near poughkeepsie, tend to go to the place on route 376 / new hackensack plaza - welcome oriental grocery) and get some noodles, and make my own stuff. and i'm not a good cook, but it's doable.

          i know, not the answer you wanted to hear. btw, on saturday, the grocery gets the fresh wide noodles in. the owner said they sometimes sell fast...

          1. re: bob gaj

   a Taiwanese who's constantly looking for a good Chinese food place in Dutchess & surrounding counties, I have to say that I HAVEN'T FOUND ONE after all these years living here!!
            However, if the urge really comes, I usually go to Golden Wok in Red Hook, but I don't think it's worth to travel all the way up here with the gas price now.

            I used to loving going to Welcome on every Saturday when the original owner was there, but since they changed owner I found the food selections were not as good as it used to be. But if the OP is really up for making his own chow fun, it's not a bad idea to just pick some fresh wide noodles up from there, as bob gaj suggestions.

            1. re: moosesocks

              Thanks for the idea... Sounds great... I just might have to buy the noodles and make my own chow fun. Have you got a recipe?

              1. re: georgeb

                Not really a recipe, but just how my mom makes it. There are some "tips" that she taught me, which is important, as they prevent the noodles to get too soggy or sticking together. Not sure if this is the right board for posting this topic, so let me know & I'll email you those tips.

                1. re: moosesocks

                  We ask that posters share such tips with all posters - in this case, you can post on the Home Cooking board and, if you like, post a link to that post here.