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Jul 28, 2008 12:19 PM

Cambridge bakeries

Any recommendations for birthday cakes?

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  1. Rosie's. Most, maybe all, the birthday cakes come in small (should feed six easily) and large sizes. The chocolate cakes are knockouts; the white cakes are yummy, too; I'm not especially fond of the mocha. Give them at least a day's notice if you want an inscription.

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    1. If you're looking for something that's sweet and brings back memory of childhood birthday cakes, I'd suggest either Lyndell's bakery in Somerville (Ball Square) or the Shaw's/Star Market in Central Square or Porter Square. I've found Rosie's cakes to be a bit disappointing, with the frosting (esp. the white frosting) a bit too greasy and not sweet enough. If you want something totally non-traditional (and expensive), there's always Finale in Harvard Square.

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        Finale will look nice, but be flavorless in my experience there.

        Quebrada in Arlington or Wellesley makes outstanding cakes, and the special order at Lakota in Arlington Heights can be pretty great as well.

        If sugary and huge but really fresh is what you seek, go for the $15 sheet cake at Costco - it is surprisingly good.

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          quebrada's cake is delicious but if you like a rich frosting, i'd go elsewhere.