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Jul 28, 2008 12:10 PM

Wondee Siam I or II?

Which is better? Food, decor, ambience?

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  1. Sorry to be vague on this, but I dont remember. I have however seen them both (they are within a street of each other, but on either side of 9th Ave), and it was a no brainer... one of them looks MUCH nicer than the other... dont know if this helps

    1. The food is better at Wondee Siam I.

      1. I prefer food at 1, but it is SO tiny, it's hard to sell friends on going there. At least at Wondee 2 you don't have to go through the kitchen to visit the loo. It is super loud on Fri. or Sat, too, but at least there's a bit of room. At Wondee 1 it's really just a few deuces and one table that could hold 4 or 5, if my math is right.

        1. I forgot to mention that if you don't mind a tiny place, you may prefer Chili Thai--I actually prefer them over Wondee Siam I.

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            Wow, that's saying a lot. I will def try it. Can they compete with the heat of the country curry? I asked for it medium and the roof of my mouth was sauteed!

          2. So, which is the best thai place in that neighborhood? Wondee 1, Thai Basil or Chili Thai or something else?

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            1. re: sidd

              That's a hard question. If I could only choose one, I would have to say Chili Thai.