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Jul 28, 2008 11:46 AM

Chow in Napa

My husband and I are taking a trip up to Napa Valley next week. This will be my first visit to wine country. We are aware of all the amazing places to dine while we are there, but can anyone recommend the top five restaurants we must check out.

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    1. Robert has done you a great favor here, listing those links.

      As you may imagine, questions about where to eat in Napa Valley are an almost daily question on this board. Since this is the summertime, there have been a great many threads that ask nearly the same question as you. I urge you to read the comments and opinions that are current and that have already been given in response.

      Then, if you have specific questions about one restaurant vs. another, or about a restaurant that may specialize in food and wine pairing, or seafood, or burgers, or sushi, or about where to go taste wines that are like the ones you already like, then please begin a brand new thread with that specific question. Good luck to you, and happy reading.

      1. Top Five:

        1. Ubuntu
        2. The French Laundry
        3. Terra
        4. Martini House
        5. Redd

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          Thank you Carrie 218 for your recommendations. Sorry Maria Lorraine to have asked a redundant question. I am pretty new to chow hound and not too familiar with how things are done. It was just a simple question. We are looking forward to amazing culinary experiences in Napa so we just wanted to hear peoples top favorites. My husband and I are open to any food and any ethnicity of food that is a must too try. When i get a moment i will take the time to read the past posts. Thank you.

          1. re: csidgo

            Good luck to you, and enjoy yourselves when you're here (I'm a local girl.)
            If you have specific questions about this vs that, stuff like that, please ask away. Welcome to Chowhound -- it's a terrific resource -- lots of very informed eaters!