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Jul 28, 2008 11:41 AM

For Authentic Jerk Chicken... Head to Rap's

When the drum is smokin out front (usually in the evenings), be sure to pull over a buy one of the best jerk chickens you'll have outside of Jamaica... from *Rap's* up on Eglington West a couple blocks west of the Allen.

Some tips:
- Be sure to get it fresh off the grill.
- Definitely sign up for a splash of the secret sauce.
- Eat with care, there are some small bones you need to pick around.
- Drink a bottle of Grace Grapefruit Soda, lots of zing and not overly sweet.

This place is a gem.

1541 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M6E, CA

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  1. Good tip...will definitely check that out.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I was driving along that stretch of Eglinton one evening and just HAD to find the source of the smell drifting over the neighbourhood. It was coming from Raps. It was the best jerk I've had in Toronto. Yes go there.

        (The area is, indeed, a bit dodgy, but I wouldn't call it unsafe.)

        1. Thanks. I've always wondered about this place.

          Will have to try it sometime.


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            1. re: callitasicit


              I had few other places to review as well but the pictures accidentally got deleted.

              I'm leaving for "Down yonder" again tomorrow and will try to hit up a few places.


          1. The best Jerk Chicken and by far the most authentic in all of Toronto. These guys know how to do it right!

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            1. re: Matt H

              I've always wondered about this place since I drive by late at night and the drum barrel is still smoking away, even in the dead of winter.

              It seems the last few times I've driven by in the summer, the competitors on that block also have their grills out. Again keep in mind this is late night at 1am.

              How is their oxtail?

              1. re: Matt H

                HA! Funny I don't even remember writing this.......I think Raps is OK, but this is very strange!

                1. re: Matt H

                  I agree. I stopped there a couple of times and enjoyed the chicken - spicy & moist.