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Jul 28, 2008 10:56 AM

Edmonton - Private(ish) room for 30-40

Hi. I have searched and found some recurring suggestions for restaurants in Edmonton with private rooms. However I haven't yet found the perfect one for my function.

I am looking for a restaurant to host our Christmas get together. Ideally somewhere downtown, but anywhere central-ish (Strathcona, Calgary Trail area) is good too. I expect 30-40 people and would like a private-ish room. Budget is a big factor and that is why this gathering is our Christmas party and not something grander. We'd like something a bit classier than Boston Pizza, maybe on par with Moxies or a bit higher. All the Hardware Grill, Harvest Room's etc, are way out of our range. I think most people are on a $20-$25 meal budget incl. non-alcoholic drinks/taxes/gratuities.

I appreciate any and all suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. Someone told me before that the south side Joey Tomato's has a large private room.

    You might even want to give Moxie's a call - who knows, maybe they'd let you take over their bar area or something.

    If ethnic food is okay, I would recommend trying one of the Chinese restaurants that do banquet dinners - good value, and they have moveable walls to create private rooms for weddings/parties.

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    1. re: anonymoose

      Thanks for the JT's suggestion. I hadn't considered them so I'll have to swing by and check them out soon!

      1. re: SKEETLEY

        Good luck finding anything decent on that budget. I doubt Joey's will suit - unless you are going for burgers, I don't think you can get an entree under $16 or $17, most closer to $20+ Add maybe $2 for beverages, you then probably another 25% for tax and gratuity you're pushing the $25 limit with their cheapest entree... that's no appetizer or dessert...

        Doan's (vietnamese) is not to expensive and might sort of section off a corner for your group.

    2. I friend sent me a link to this site a few days ago. It lists many places with private rooms in E-ton. Some do not meet your needs but it would give you a good place to start. I think you should not discount medium-priced places they may surprise you with a reasonably priced fixed menu. My guess is that the Creperie might do something that like .

      1. Just had a lunch at the Copper Pot in downtown. Beautiful view; great menu; impeccable service. Our office party was for 10 people, and for lunch - our total was $270 including pop/coffee, tax & gratuity.

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          I think going ethnic is going to be your only option, that or pizza or something along those lines. But most restos charge you a premium for a private room. Even Century Grill's private room is min. $40/pp.

          You might be able to get a hotel to put on a buffet for that price, however they will charge for the room on top of it.

          Does it have to be dinner? Von's does a cocktail party for $20/pp.

          King & I has a private room, that might be close to your budget.

          Delux burger bar might let you take over the whole place?

          Good luck!

          1. re: cleopatra999

            Thank you for the suggestions egirlwonder and celopatra999. I am looking into all of them. Also thanks for the heads up that some places charge for a private room.

        2. Yianni's on whyte has a private room downstairs that is beautiful - but you would dine in small-ish groups at different tables. it isn't a one big table thing. My department had our xmas party there last year and it wasn't a formal dinner - just platters of greek food, music, a bar (they provided the bartender) and mingling. not sure if that is what you are looking for, but it was reasonably priced.

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            Great Call ihatepickyeaters!! I have been there, it is actually their bar, that they never seem to use, I was there for a stagette, it was perfect. Greek food could definitely come under that budget, and I am pretty sure that they do not charge for the use of that space.

          2. many companies now are looking to breakfast xmas parties as the costs are less considering the alcohol factor (removed at breakfast)...this may be an option for your group and others given budget restrictions