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Jul 28, 2008 10:52 AM

which spices in Dunkin Donuts hash browns?

has anyone been able to identify which spices Dunkin Donuts uses in its hash browns?

i read the nutritional info on its website, which shows dried garlic,dried onion, and "spices"- but i'm not sure which spice gives them that addictive flavor....

anyone know?

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      1. re: wench31

        wench, i did look there - while it may one of the chemicals (which one?), you'll notice they write "spices", but are apparently not required to list which spices.

        i was wondering if someone could identify which spices...

        there's probably oregano...but that's not the taste i think that makes me keep wanting to eat them.

    1. It might be one of the chemicals (seriously).

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      1. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

        ralph, i think you might be right

        what is "sodium alganate" anyway?

        1. re: korgy

          Sodium Alganate is a seaweed derivative that acts as a thickener.

      2. It might just be a combo of the garlic and onion. They remind me of my Nana's potato latkes. And, yes, they're quite addictive!!!!!

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        1. re: jessicheese

          I think it's thyme!

          I'm addicted, too.

          1. re: jayaykay

            I am pretty sure it's some type of MSG or what are they labeling it as these days autolyzed yeast or something like that. I had one of my daughters the other day and the initial flavor was good, but it was so ridiculously salty I seriously couldn't drink enough water to slake my thirst. I happen to like salt too so go figure.

        2. Just had these for the first time while layover in Minn. Have to say these were the best fast food has browns ever!
          Anyone cracked the recipe code? Definitely had a green onion flavor !

          1. All I ever tasted in them was salt. Tried about three times and gave up.