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Jul 28, 2008 10:47 AM

Pampero Ranch- PA farmer's market

Was at the downtown Palo Alto Farmer's market and saw a new stand for grass fed beef made from Texas longhorns. The owners picked up the taste for grass-fed in Argentina. They've been practically sold out the 3 times I've seen the stand. Nothing's aged and everything's vacuum packed.

I know grass-fed quality is very variable... has anyone tasted Pampero's yet? (I'll actually be able to answer this in a few hours since we picked a ribeye up for ourselves on Saturday but are preparing it tonight, but I'm impatient). I always opt for simple preps but if people recommend something else, I'm happy to go for it too.

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  1. Did you taste the Pampero's? Curious about it, as I am not familiar with that ranch. Generally, because grass-fed beef is lower in fat than grain fed, you cook it a bit less and at a lower temperature.

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    1. re: Fig Newton

      I did taste it, and I loved it.

      This wasn't aged at all, was quite fresh instead. Lots of salt rubbed onto it. We did a sear on both sides with a very hot cast iron then put it in the oven at around 500 degrees for a teensy bit. We let it sit for a good 10 minutes and the juices were perfectly distributed. Medium rare in some parts, rare in the main portion. Served with a buttery balsamic reduction. The only change would have been adding some oil to it since not much fat came off the steak itself.

      The boneless ribeye we had was quite lean. The taste was intensely beefy, a little gamey, and as it cooled down, there was a bit of liver taste. Very tender, juicy, but a good chew. There was very little marbling for a rib eye, though the fat on the outsides of the cut was delicious with the char. There was definitely silver skin as well, but it was easy to cut around it.

      Recommended if you get your hands on it! I'll ask if they sell anywhere else other than the PA farmer's market. (Doesn't say anything on their website:

      1. re: thejulia

        I believe they are also at the Mountain View Farmer's market on Sundays.

        1. re: gnomatic

          Thanks gnomatic. Was very sad when Severino's left PA and MV markets. It's not really a substitute for their wonderful charcuterie and pork products, but Pamper's beef is really good and they are very passionate.

          1. re: thejulia

            I only had pampero's ground beef so far, and it was excellent. I have been meaning to try some of their steaks and other cuts but every time I want to get some flank steak they were sold out (by 9:15 am).
            The MV market also has TLC Ranch from Watsonville, they have pork and some sausages & bacon.

            1. re: gnomatic

              I've been making a fool of myself with Pampero products. The gr beef is really good as is the ribeye. I also tried the chuck steak for a braise which turned out well- very, well, beefy.

              I currently have a skirt steak in the freezer, but have been a little shy about getting to it cuz the last one I way overcooked. I am hoping to get a bit more practice on mastering their lean meat.

              Didn't Severino's have a relationship with TLC? Geeze, I miss Severino's....

              1. re: chowetta

                Re Severinos and TLC, yes, they did. Good tip on TLC ranch, gnomatic!