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Jul 28, 2008 10:46 AM

Nabisco Brown edge Wafers

Has anyone seen these in the last couple of years? I used to use them as a pantry staple, to serve with coffee or ice cream or to slather with whipped cream and chill to make a mille feuille cake. but haven't seen them anywhere. I'm not sure whether they have gone the way of the dodo or just aren't being distributed near me.

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  1. Were these the ones that were lemon or orange flavor? Or am I thinking of a different brand/cookie?

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      These were my Mom's absolute favorite cookie and were a staple in our house when I was a kid. I remember her disappointment when Nabisco stopped selling them, and it was quite a while ago. You have given me a great idea. Her birthday is coming up and I found a recipe for them I may try. She'd probably get a kick out of it!

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        these are just plain very crisp butter cookies that tastes great and very versatile.

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          I don't know the original product but could something from Jules Destropper substitute?

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          Maybe the ones I'm thinking of from my 'boyhood' in New York were made by "Arnold's"...very flat and crisp with a brown halo around a yellow (lemon) or orange cookie..I liked these very much....I'm still bemoaning the loss of Pepperidge Farm Brownie Cookies.. especially when the were used in their sandwich cookie!

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            OMG I had *forgotten* those Brownie Cookies! They were the best, and quite a nice crumble over ice cream. :P

        3. OH! I loved them so! I would trade off several of the sickeningly sweet cream-filled cookies for the brown-edged wafers to be back on the shelf. Another (?) childhood favorite was a thin lemon brown edged cookie. I don't know if it was also Nabisco. . .perhaps Sunshine ? FFV? I just loved them alike, gently nibbling just the edge around before moving toward the cookie middle. Can we hear from Nabisco?

          By the way, I deal with folks from many countries and they say they don't like American cookies - too sweet!!

          1. If you are talking about the Nilla Wafers, they still have them in stores where I live (NW Suburbs of Chicago).

            1. They were discontinued *years* ago. (1996, to be precise.) Others here have similar desires to see them return:

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                I made these this winter after I got a craving for the brown-edged wafers my grandmother used to have around the house: