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Jul 28, 2008 10:31 AM

Bistec a la Tampiqueña?

What is this dish? One web referenece said that this was the signature dish of chef at the “Tampico Club” in Mexico City ... grilled steak topped queso panela and chile poblano servied with enchiladas. Is that correct?

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  1. According to Rick Bayless, in Authentic Mexican (p. 243):

    "The plate really has nothing to do with the port town of Tampico, but rather, was named by the tampiqueno Jose Luis Loredo. When the famous waiter moved from oil-rich Tampico to Mexico City in 1939 to open the Tamipco Club, his carne asada a la tampiquena became a signaure dish. Though variations abound, I've presented the traditional version offered at such Loredo restaurants as Colonial Loredo and Caballo Bayo; I've left off the grilled square of cheese, simply because the necessary nonmelting, panela-style cheese is uncommon here."

    His recipe calls for "a tender strip of quick-seared beef, a bowl of tasty beans, guacamole, a saucy enchilada and perhaps some lightly browned rajas of chile and onion."

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    1. In Chicago, it is almost ALWAYS:
      A big portion of grilled skirt steak (whole, not chopped)
      One rolled enchilada (usually chicken or cheese)
      Dab of guacamole
      Possibly some grilled cebollitas (whole bulb onions)
      And warm tortillas (if you know where to go, you can get homemade tortillas)