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Jul 28, 2008 10:11 AM

nice resturants in toledo ohio suburbs

I travel to Toledo often and I've tried alot of places in the city how about any suggestions for
places in the outskirts?

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  1. Ciao is very nice Italian, located in Sylvania on Monroe St. (west suburb} Not sure if it is what you would call "suburban" but we like Indian Jewel of Toledo on Airport just east of McCord (Springfield Township I believe) Give me an idea of what side of town you are interested in and I can probably suggest others. Also, what have you liked so far?

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    1. re: sam o

      I like Beriut, Manceys, Uncle Johns (breakfast), Tony Pacos, Real Seafood,

      1. For dim sum (before 4PM), try the New Empire on Airport Hwy in the Spring Meadows shopping center. Also, I just had an incredible Morrocan meal at Harissa in the Oliver House (only open on Friday and Saturday - fixed price).