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Jul 28, 2008 10:08 AM

Last Licks Scarsdale/ Westchester?

I have a coupon for last licks in Scarsdale and Im planning on checking it out sometime soon, any opinions or reccomendations?

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  1. Last Licks is popular because it is owned by a family that lives in Scarsdale and hires nice local kids. It is a hang-out for the Scarsdale teen and pre-teen set. It is also popular because they have (and sell) lots of sports memorabilia (the aforementioned family owns a well-known sports memorabilia empire) and fun gimmicks (my kids love the fact that if you buy a sundae they spin a prize wheel-- we have won Mets tickets). The ice cream is fine but nothing special. I understand that the frozen yogurt is good. When it first opened it was competing with a Ben & Jerry's a block away and I thought it would never last. Well, lo and behold, the Ben & Jerry's is long gone and Last Licks appears to be thriving. My kids love the sports stuff and the fact that they are likely to bump into someone that they know.

    1. It's the favorite destination of the Little Leaguers after a game. It's nice to have a home grown shop. Ice cream is good too. And a good lesson for the children who are disappointed when they spin the wheel. Sometimes, you get a piece of candy. Sometimes you get tickets. It's a gamble.