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Very cheap butter in Toronto?

Where can I buy very cheap butter in Toronto this week?

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  1. I just purchased Neilsen at Superstore yesterday, $2.99/lb. Regular salted.

    1. Cheapest (unsalted) butter I know of is Lactancia at Costco - $4.39/brick. You can sometimes find deals at Shoppers Drug Mart for $2.99/brick. Butter is never cheap! Good luck!

      1. Unsalted Saputo housebrand butter at the ShoppersDM at Woodbine and O'Connor was $1.99/pound yesterday. They've had it a fair bit recently.

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          That is cheap!!

          I prefer unsalted because I think its fresher and I prefer to add my own salt. The salted butter is usually cheaper than the unsalted. I think its a lot older!!

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            It wasn't advertised the way it normally is. Just a giant cooler full of unsalted butter - smelled really fresh (I'm a butter sniffer). I wondered if they were getting a new delivery in - perhaps in anticipation of their next sale. They do $2.99/pound butter at least once a quarter.

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              That's what they tell us in cooking class. Not to use salted butter because it's poorer quality. I prefer the taste of unsalted anyways.

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              Wow, I was just there yesterday and I didn't notice. Will have to go back.

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                It was in the cooler directly across from the milk (where they usually keep whatever ice cream they've got on special). I was there about 5 p.m. and the cooler was about half-full.

              2. Butter here is never cheap enough and I happen to like the butter that comes divided into sticks. I never see it for less than $4.69 :(


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                    same here -- always the sticks of butter, so much more convenient.

                  2. Do you have Food Basics in TO? I just saw the add, Gay Lea butter is 2.99( I think its the salted though).

                    I just went to MI last week and bought sticks of butter for 2.00lb.

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                      I think some food basics have both

                    2. Cheese Magic in Kensington Market has AMAZING unsalted fresh butter. It's also ridiculously cheap. Much cheaper than the grocery store. Not sure on the exact price though.

                      1. Loblaws this week. 2.88lb gay lea salted and unsalted.

                        1. Shoppers drug mart. Today( saturday) only. 1.99lb( salted and unsalted)

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                            Thanx, who would have guessed. I picked up 2 but noticed they charged for 3, at $6.97. Went back in and they threw in in 2 more!

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                              Great, glad you got it. I've never seen it cheaper. I bought 2, then 2 more since you could only get 2 at a time. I always get unsalted because I prefer to add my own salt. Also, salt is a preservative so IMO, the salted butter has probably been hanging around longer.