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Jul 28, 2008 09:42 AM

N. Branford/Branford, CT

We are going to the Brandford/N. Branford CT area for a baseball tourney on Labor day Weekend. We are on a tight budget and will have 2 boys with us, any pocketbook-friendly suggestions? Any type of food, they are great, chinese, BBQ, etc., etc. Thanks!!

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  1. Some suggestions: Lion City Chinese and Born in America pizza - next door to each other in Brushy Hill Plaza on Brushy Plains Rd. On Route 1 in Branford is Marco's for pizza and other good Italian food. Also on Route 1 in Branford is Rita's ice cream place and in same bldg. is a seafood place, used to be D'Matos (sp.) now I think it's T&T - they also have great cheeseburgers. For tacos etc. Halapeno Heaven on Route 1, Branford or SBC sports bar. All these places are reasonable.

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      1. re: Shoreliner

        Yeah, Born in America, Jalapeno Heaven, and Darbar are awesome. I always liked the Greek vegetarian platter at Parthenon Diner, too.

        I had a terrible experience at Su Casa but that was some time ago, maybe things have changed.

        1. re: hollerhither

          no things haven't changed, Su Casa is terrible.

          1. re: EastRocker

            to say that Su Casa is terrible is being very kind

      2. Marco's for pizza
        Parthenon Diner for breakfast, lunch
        Su Casa for Americanized, good Mexican
        Darbar Indian
        Grace's Kitchen for Italian


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        1. re: madisoneats

          I have read some good things about Marco's, thin crust right?

          1. re: LovesFoieGras

            I think Marco's is the best pizza in Branford. For breakfast or lunch Cohen's Bagels is good. For that matter so is the Waiting Station. Both are right on Main street across from the green. Jersey Mike's on rt 1 has good subs. And the indian at Darbar is delicous.

        2. Slice Pizza on Rt.80 on the N.Branford/Guilford line is very good New haven style pizza. They also do s'mores at the table.

          Chinese is terrible around here trust me.