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Jul 28, 2008 09:18 AM

Arenal Costa Rica

Any restaurants you can recommend? We are staying at Arenal Kioro and we will have a car. Where should we go? We eat everything.

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  1. Bump. Maybe Christmas this year for us.

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    1. re: Mr Conlin

      Don Rufino is really, really good and they make a great mojito! A little pricey for Costa Rica if you are on a budget, but worth it and they are not opposed to sharing entrees.

      Las Nenes is good for seafood. Soda El Rio is good for tipical food. There is a new steakhouse on the road to San Ramon, I have heard it was good, but I have not tried it yet. Steak is pretty hit and miss in Costa Rica. If you want to combine a meal and hot springs, have your hotel make reservations at Eco-Termales (located across from Baldi). They serve a traditional Costa Rican dinner, along with full use of the springs (at about half the price of Tabacon) but you have to have reservations as they only allow 100 people in the springs per session.

      1. re: chinesechicken

        All I can tell you is not to do the buffet dinner at Tabacon - the springs are gorgeous, the food not very good at all. I would stick with the "tipical" food, don't try to go fancy. If i remember correctly, we had lots of tilapia, according to someone down there, some fish got out of a farm (?) and they are now wild in the lake - maybe they were making up stories?

        1. re: chinesechicken

          Agree with Don Rufino. Get the "Grandma's Chicken" ("Pollo de mi Abuela" or something like that.) Great mix of flavors in that packet. My DC had beef tenderloin which was also quite good. Excellent asparagus and beet soup.

          I also went to La Choza de Laurel. While not quite as great as Don Rufino, my Jalepeno steak was excellent, cooked perfectly. DC's Arroz con Pollo was OK, nothing to write home about.

          I stayed at Tabacon and was not impressed with the breakfast, even though I had the "Tipico" breakfast. I mean, it was fine, but I knew if they couldn't make a great "typical" breakfast, I wasn't going to risk the $$$ on dinner.