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Jul 28, 2008 09:07 AM

Farmer's Market Mystery: Can You Identify These Species of Melon and Zucchini?

Got a couple of new (to me) items at the farmer's market on Saturday, but the gentleman who sold them to me could not tell me exactly what they were called. (He seemed not to be the actual farmer, and his English wasn't great to boot.) Anybody recognize them? Thanks! (Pencil and keys for scale.)

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  1. Wow. Got me. Often with melons you can't tell until you cut into them and see what color the flesh is.

    1. Hmmm..intriguing.

      There's an orange heirloom melon called "Collective Farmwoman". You'll have to see if it's similar to this when you cut it open:

      At first I thought the zucchini could be a type of Armenian cucumber/squash, but after googling, I'm not so sure.

      1. The melon sortof resembles a very very ripe Sharlyn melon, though they are usually more yellowish in color.

        1. The green ones look like " Snake gourd" , commonly known as "Chinchda" in India. They can grow upto 2 feet long.

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                Hahaha! Fantastic video - if only I understood half of what he added to the pan!

                1. re: Nyleve

                  Ha! That was great... you didn't understand him?

                  (chana dal, oil, red chile, mustard seeds, cumin (zeera), onion, chana dal, urad dal, turmeric, hing, green chile, chopped curry leaves). On top is the "gunpowder" which you have to make with a separate video


                  Even funnier video...he sneezes!

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                    Try this recipe
                    Snake gourd cut into half-moon shape 2 cups
                    Chana dal soaked for about 1 hour 3 tablespoons
                    Tomato PASTE 1 tablespoon
                    crushed garlic 1 tablespoon
                    crushed ginger 1 tablespoon
                    green chillies , seeded ( red chillies ok, just don't use jalepeno) 2-3
                    ghee 2 tablespoons
                    mustard seeds 2 teaspoons
                    curry leaves 10-12
                    Hing 1/2 teaspoon
                    Turmeric 1 teaspoon
                    Salt 2 teaspoon
                    red chilli powder 1 teaspoon
                    water 2 cups
                    coconut milk 4 tablespoons

                    Heat the ghee and add mustard seeds . When they pop, add hing, curry leaves, ginger , garlic, turmeric, green or red chillies, red chilli powder salt and tomato paste. Let everything come together for about a min, keep stirring . Throw in soaked dal and snake gourd pieces and coat with the masala. After about another minute, add 2 cuos of water, cover and cook for 10 min, check for doneness , add more water if needed .
                    When everything seems to be ready, add coconut milk, stir around, cover , and shut the heat off after 30 seconds. Let it stand for 10 min before opening the lid and digging a spoon