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May 25, 2003 04:12 AM

The Dip

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I just noticed a new place on Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks called "The Dip". It's a seems to be little more than a green shack with outdoor seating (there might also be tables inside, but I couldn't tell at 40 mph). The words "French Dip" are emblazoned on the side of the building.

Has anybody been there?

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  1. Yes, in fact, I am surprised more have not made comment. Quite good, with most sandwiches around $4.99. Had pot roast one as I recall. Definitely will go back to try others, which include lamb, turkey, and other usual suspects.

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    1. re: carter

      Could someone provide a more specific location?

      1. re: Les

        The Dip
        14333 Ventura Blvd
        Sherman Oaks, CA

        Corner of Ventura Blvd & Tyrone Ave

        1. re: Creamfinger

          It's basically in front of Casa de Cadillac, if I remember correctly.

          1. re: Paul

            Didn't that location used to be some kind of weird hot dog hut, among other things? Near Handy J car wash?

            1. re: brian h

              Yes...The Dip is in that hut.

    2. Also, can anyone help me feed my non-mammal eating spouse and pup by telling me if they have separate "dip" for the turkey, or if they just use one big combined "dip" pot like Philipe?

      1. Tempted by this thread, I went to The Dip today for lunch. I may have sabotaged my visit by making the inevitable comparison to Philippe's, but here's what we thought. They have roast beef, pot roast, turkey, pastrami, lamb and pork dips; dipped single, double or submerged. They are each $4.89. Side salads, mashed potatoes (!) and brownies. I had the pastrami, which doesn't take well to the au jus. It's very similar to Johnnie's Pastrami but a little fattier. The roast beef had little flavor and was a bit dry. You can get jus on the side, which I'd recommend because their french rolls don't have enough character to stand up to the dipping - they got soggy and partially disintegrated. The potato salad was very good. The au jus doesn't have a lot of depth of flavor, but is salty. A nice touch is an assortment of condiments (sliced red onions, pickeled jalapenos, pickeled peppers, sliced jalapenos. A large selection of iced mustards. It's pretty good overall, but it's not Philippe. If I were in the neighborhood I'd go back, but I wouldn't drive from Agoura Hills again.

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        1. re: TomSwift

          The Dip has turned out to be a 3 year running disappointment for me. EVERY time I go they are out of ... well whatever I ask for it seems... out of beef in the early afternoon? Not well organized or executed. The one time they could finally fill my order the beef was dry and the jus was nothing even approaching special. I found the salads grocery store average at best. Yesterday I was walking and I was so hot I had to stop there to grab a drink... it was 12:30 and of course when I ordered my lemonade all they could say was, "we're out." Don't bother with the Dip... it's ALL hype.

          1. re: Peepingpalette

            And every time I've gone there, I've found it good. Once I had the pot roast I stuck with that, so I haven't tried the roast beef or pastrami. I also only get single dip because I'm not much for soggy sandwiches.

            I will say that it's been a while since I've last gone, so if it's gone downhill I haven't experienced it myself.

            1. re: lad1818

              I've never had a good thing there. The sandwiches are soggy an tasteless. Single dip doesn't help. I find it amazing that you like the pot roast. When I tried it, it was totally mushy and bland.

              1. re: Jwsel

                Geez, not at all. Not mushy, not bland.

                Then again, it's been a while. Sorry to hear if it's gone downhill, or at best, inconsistent.

                Has anyone ever had the vegetable dip?

        2. went here the other day...tried 1/2 of the pastrami and 1/2 of the roast beef dips...neither "cut the mustard". roast beef was pretty bland and mushy...pastrami was ok...i'm not a big pastrami fan so i don't really know what to look for....both sandwhiches were GREATLY augmented by the squeeze horsradich sauce.

          back to phillipes....and to try langers if i can ever get out to alvarado before they close (or even attempt to park/togo/whatever).

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          1. re: Xericx

            I know everyone loves Phillipes on this board, or at least the majority, but I find their beef dip meat to also be flavorless. I don't do lamb or pork which others rave about too, so that might be my loss. When I do eat there on occasion I significantly augment their dip with the hot mustard sauce to improve taste. I think this is the case with most dip sandwiches....boring tasteless meat with an overly salty au jus. I think I should start a thread to see what others think.

          2. Tried going to the one at the Hollywood/Highland complex, but they just decided to close up half an hour before their regular closing hour!