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Jul 28, 2008 08:58 AM

Tater Tots--who serves them?

hi all,
my coworkers and i have an insane craving for tater tots at the moment. what places serve them?

i just did a search and saw that Crif Dogs, Daddy-O, Big Daddy's and BLT Prime does. are there other places that haven't yet been mentioned?


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  1. Trailer Park in Chelsea has them. Happy eating! :)

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    1. Fat Annie's at 34th between 6th and 7th. They do a MEAN serving of tornado tots

      1. PDT (bar located in Crif Dog's, they server crif dog food) has them too. OHHHH man are they tasty after work and after a couple of drinks. Reservations would be recommended for PDT if you don't show up right at 6 or if you are a party of 3 or more.

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          Crif Dogs sells them and they're good

        2. Not really a restaurant, but Bar 9 on 53rd and 9th has always been a good choice for beer and tots.

          1. Marshall Stack has them as well on allen