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Jul 28, 2008 08:30 AM

My Vegas itinerary thus far....could use expert help completing it.

We will be in Vegas for 4 nights in September. Right now we have dinners scheduled at Alex and Picasso and brunch at Tableau.

Need help with the other two nights (would prefer to stay on the strip) at probably at least as slighter lower price point than the other two dinners.

Do people typically make lunch reservations? My short list for lunch right now is Mesa Grill and Carnegie Deli and considering Table 10.

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  1. If I've planned ahead for lunch (which I rarely do) then places where a reservation might help are Mon Ami Gabi, Mesa Grill and Olives. These restaurants just get really busy. But I've walked in for lunch at Mesa many times and never had to wait more than 10 minutes or so. Mon Ami, the wait can be longer, and I don't think you can reserve the patio. Olives, haven't been in quite awhile.

    At Lotus of Siam, if you want to go for lunch (and be sure to order off the regular menu, do not get the buffet) then you want to get there close to opening (11:30?). We've gone before noon. Haven't made a lunch res. there, only a dinner res., not sure if they take lunch reservations, sure there are people here who know.

    Burger Bar (Mandalay Place) also gets very crowded but two ways to deal with that are to arrive before noon, and/or to eat at one of the two bars. Rarely have we had to wait for seats at the bar.

    For your other dinners, what kind of food are you thinking about? If you want a steakhouse, then I'd suggest Craftsteak (MGM) or Cut (Palazzo). More casual French? Bouchon (Venetian). Italian? Maybe Fiamma (MGM). Seafood? Etc.

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    1. re: Debbie W

      Definitely not a steakhouse (we eat at them often here)..probably Italian or seafood. Unfortunately the husband is not a fan of Thai food, so Lotus of Siam is off the list. Thanks for your help. The restaurant scene in LV is quite overhwhelming.

      1. re: Janet from Richmond

        Just so you know, my husband isn't a fan of Thai food either and it took a long time for him to agree to go to LOS. However, now he loves it and I don't have to beg and plead anymore. But we live within 10 minutes (literally) of some spectacular Thai food in North Hollywood, and he will never, ever go. Of course I don't know YOUR husband! Bribery, perhaps?

        Seafood, I don't know. I like Seablue (MGM) well enough. Some here have been liking AquaKnox (Venetian) but I've only been once, for lunch, several years ago. Bouchon has a very nice raw bar as well as trout and salmon but it's not a seafood house per se, but you could definitely have a seafood/fish-centric meal there.

        If there's a day that you want to do some sightseeing, then consider renting a car just for 24 hours and incorporate a dinner at Rosemary's. I'm a big fan of Rosemary's but we drive from L.A. so we have a car. I wouldn't pay for a cab to/from there.

        1. re: Debbie W

          I may just beg and plead and ask him to do it as a token of his love for me. I love, love, love Thai food and definitely want to try it.

          1. re: Janet from Richmond

            I've decided to simply make the reservation and spring it on him. It's inexpensive enough that it will be a welcomed change after dinner at Alex and Picasso :-)

        2. re: Janet from Richmond

          When a Thai-phobic friend is eating at Lotus, I usually try to order something without a sauce. The barbecued beef is always a favorite. There is a little sauce on the side (it's not spicy, despite the menu description, but is very tasty). It's high quality beef, barbecued. The barbecued chicken is fine, too, although not as special. He might enjoy the new short rib dishes on the last page of the menu, too.

          1. re: Dave Feldman

            He loves short ribs...that's a great suggestion.

        3. re: Debbie W


          Have you ever eaten at Sanamluang on Sherman Way in the Bangluck Plaza? If so, how would you compare it to LOS?


          Sanam Luang Cafe
          12980 Sherman Way, North Hollywood, CA 91605

          1. re: shamu613

            Nope (though maybe the one in Hollywood, but a really long time ago). I like Sri Siam (Coldwater/Vanowen). They have a pretty good crispy rice/sour sausage that in my mind compares adequately with the version at LOS, especially given the 10 minute drive vs. the 280-mile drive! I'm hardly an expert on Thai food though.

        4. is the itinerary as it stands now....dinners at Alex, Picasso, Lotus of Siam and Enoteco San Marco. Lunches to be decided when we get there but the short list is Carnegie Deli, Mesa Grill and Burger Bar. Brunch will be at Tableau. Also, are there good bakeries or what not on the strip where I could pick up a quick breakfast that won't keep me full past lunch time?

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          1. re: Janet from Richmond

            bakeries - bouchon- venetian, payard - caesar's, jean phillippe - bellagio, chocolate swan - mandalay, lenotre- wynn

            but i may have missed it - do you have a car available or not ?

            1. re: kjs

              No car...though we don't mind walking a fair distance. We're from the South so we're used to heat (with humidity <g>).

              1. re: kjs

                Lenotre is at Paris, you probably just wrote too fast! The almond croissant at Payard is incredible.

            2. in may i was in las vegas,i highly reccomend delmonicosthe experiance was great,
              mon ami gami another great choice
              carnegie deli was a waste of time dont bother you get a huge portion of dryed out lunch meat ,found better little dives with better food , also the range is very good
              enjoy , have fun

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              1. re: preacher

                Have you ever eaten at Sanamluang on Sherman Way in the Bangluck Plaza? If so, how would you compare it to LOS?

                Yes, that was my favorite Thai place by far when I lived in LA, and it was my gold standard until I tried LOS. Tough to compare - Sanamluang's menu may be a little bit more adventurous, but the preparation at LOS is superior.