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Jul 28, 2008 08:26 AM

Any WSM users in Nassau or Suffolk

Anyone on here use the Weber Smokey Mountian Smoker in Nassau or Suffolk. Where do you get wood chunks to smoke. And where do you go to get your meats you are going to smoke - I'm talking whole packer briskets, pork shoulders, etc.. I don't belong to any warehouse clubs or restaurant supply stores - so those places aren't options.

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    Sells weber chunks in several flavors as well as anything between 30 kinds of hot sauce to giant built in grills. Bellmore LI Merrick road east of Wantagh parkway.

    Most supermarkets will have a pork shoulder and can get you a brisket.
    Where does a moyel keep his implements? In a brisket.

    If you want custom cut prime meat check Fairway
    50 Manetto Hill Mall Plainview New York PH (516) 937-5402FX (516) 937-5409 Hours: 7 days a week 7AM-10PM

    DIRECTIONS Eastbound:LIE Exit 45 Manetto Hill Road Make left. 1/4 mile on right. Northern State Exit 37 make right 1/4 mile on right. Westbound:LIE Exit 46 Sunnyside Blvd. Cross over Expwy to Manetto Hill Road make left 1/4 mile on right on Northern State Exit 37 Manetto Hill Road make left 1/4 mile on right

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      actually jetmore is on merrick rd in wantagh near cedar creek park,not bellmore.