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Jul 28, 2008 08:00 AM

Clubhouse- how are the steaks?

I looked at the Menu for Clubhouse and there is a 27$ ribeye and a $18 Clubhouse steak. Anyone try the steaks? How was the quality?

Or should I just face facts that we need to go to Prime Grill?

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  1. Clubhouse steaks should be very good after all I believe they are owned by the same people who own la marais - but IMHO the steaks at Prime Grill are the best -

    1. While I love several of the offerings at Clubhouse (esp. wings and roasted veal sandwich) and while the steak at Le Marais can, at times, be excellent, I have been to Clubhouse with others who were not thrilled with their steaks. I have never opted for the steaks there.

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        Here's the report.
        The atmosphere is cool - very hip, downtown feel. I was excited by the menu prices, some good options. The duck empanadas were good, but how can you screw up a deep fried dumpling?

        Otherwise, there were some disappointments that were mild to moderate. My husband ordered the steak special. Hangar steak. It was too salty. Now we're salt lovers, so it had to be pretty bad if he asked me to try it to see if it was salty. The waiter said "all hangar steak is salty" but took it back. I gave him some gentle feedback that if it is "all salty" then that would be good to tell patrons up front (Are you related to the deer family? Because eating this steak is like a salt lick...) He changed for the ribeye but it was not flavorful. And at that point, 20 minutes later, we'd finished the other meals and you're just not into eating anything anymore. I ordered the french dip.

        The hilarious only in new york thing was the waiter, again. Typically the french dip sandwiches in small kosher venues in Cleveland or Florida that I have had involved a DIP of gravy. If there was not a small boat of some sauce, they poured it over. Essentially a hot roast beef with gravy sandwich, right? Ok, so I asked if he forgot the dip for the sandwich. He then snootily replied that "au jus" in French means "in its own juice." and brought me some kind of gravy. I looked it up on Wikipedia and he's right but all he had to do was when I was ordering it (or am I a complete RUBE who needs culinary education???) perhaps say "at Clubhouse, au jus is meat cooked in its own juice, and I can bring you gravy on the side if you'd like" OR if he wants to start a revolution, change the name on the menu and indicate that Americans expect a french dip to have a place to dip the sandwich, so either change the name or change the sandwich offering.

        Not sure I'd come back unless I had run out of options in Midtown..

      2. My wife and I went, and I had the wings (really nice, not to spicy, with a smokey flavor), and she had the duck empanades, ok not great. I had the french dip sandwich which was really nice (recommended by the chowhound board), and my wife had the fish daily special (sea bass fillets, she was a little disjointed). The drinks are really nice, and I got to have some nice exotic beer (Portuguese). All in all, I would go back. The wait staff was nice and friendly, and the atmosphere is laid back.