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Arturo's or John's - quick answer needed

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so, I have an hour for lunch today in the west village to take two out-of-town friends to the best coal-oven pizzeria in the area...should I bring em to John's or Arturo's? (I've been to John's and thought it was pretty good, but is Arturo's better? And just an fyi, I'd love to take em to Lombardi's or better yet Totonno's in Coney Island haha but I don't have time for that

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  1. Arturo's has better pizza than John's.

    1. I much prefer Arturo's.

      1. Third for Arturo's (they also had a pretty good montepulciano (sp?) as their house wine the last time I was there).

        1. I like Arturos as well. Depending on where your friends are from, either of them will probably surpass what they get at home!

          1. If you decide on Arturo's call them before you go. Check to be sure they are open for lunch that day.

            1. i cant believe people are saying arturos. that place is junk. i live a block away from them and went their the first day i moved in and havent been back since. johns blows them away. i would rather order dominos than arturos

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                Canemh, you loose all credibility when you make a statement like "i would rather order dominos than arturos"

                I'm also of the opinion that Arturo's pizza is miles above John's.

              2. Thanks so much for all your great recs guys...I had decided on Arturo's, and time was a factor and since my friends' mistakenly got off the subway exit at 8th st. and 6th ave instead of 4th st. and 6th ave, we went to john's, which was much better than I remember...I liked their balance of cheese and sauce and although the smoky flavor of the crust didn't shine like Lombardi's and although the sauce wasn't as sweet as some of my fave places (so I guess the pie was a bit bland) it still blew my friends away who are used to papa john's lol.

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                  Good thing you didn't choose Arturo's they do not open until 4:00.