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Jul 28, 2008 07:56 AM

Foreign Cinema or Delfina?

Which is better for a girls night out for two women in their 30's from NYC? Want good food, good wine/cocktails and a fun, lively atmosphere.


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      1. re: orleanslaura

        What Civil Bear said. It's nothing concrete that you could see from photos or reading a menu, just a general feeling that Delfina is more SF, tastes better, has a more fun vibe, and in general is somewhere I'd go to again and again whereas Foreign Cinema is not.

        But Foreign Cinema does have its devotees (mostly for brunch).

    1. I'd go with Delfina. Better food at better prices.

      1. Not to turn your plans upside down, but I would recommend Bar Tartine for dinner and then a few cocktails at Beretta.

        1. Well, Delfina would be my choice between the two, because the food is just plain better and I like the scene better as well, but it doesn't have a full bar. If that's a requirement, you'd have to go to Foreign Cinema. Beretta does have a full bar, but it doesn't compare in the quality of the food or the experience to Delfina.

          1. It's almost like Foreign Cinema is the old Mission and Delfina is the new? Delfina is getting more the buzz since the owner just won a James Beard award. But I would say both offers different things. FC is more stylish in my opinion and Delfina is more fancy casual? Maybe you should go with where you can get a reservation since both are fairly popular and good.

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            1. re: singleguychef

              Delfina's a chef-owned restaurant with the focus very much on the food. Foreign Cinema's sort of half restaurant and half lounge and not chef-owned.

              They opened within about six months of each other in 1998-99, so neither is particularly new or old.