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Jul 28, 2008 07:32 AM

olson foods + bakery

last week, I finally went to visit olson foods and bakery.
Im so glad that I didnt "just look"...I actually ordered a few things 'to go"
and then happily devoured it in the car.

I ordered:
a ham sandwich that was SO SO good that I actually called them to get the exact details of what was in the sandwich..
-a few slices of baked springer ham
-a few slices of swiss cheese
-a salad of cerely, apple and onion
-grainy mustard
-whole wheat bread (baked in house)

Smores...just the right amount of graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallow. HEAVEN

Chocolate Almond Toffee Bar....a bit sweet for me, so I cut it in quarters and enjoyed a little nibble every day with a coffee!!

I will be visitng doubt about it.

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  1. Sounds good! Where is it located?

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    1. re: chyxx

      It’s in Port Dalhousie, near Niagara on the Lake. There’s a website for it I believe.

      I also went and loved it. Thought it was delish.

    2. Here's the website:

      They've just opened a second location at the new Ravine Winery in St. David's. The new spot is stunning, and has a great outdoor deck for eating lunch. I think the liquor license is still pending.

      Those chocolate almond toffee bars got my sister-in-law through her second pregnancy. I wasn't allowed to go to their house without picking some up on the way.

      1. I bet its real good... Her show "Sugar" always had me drooling lol

        1. Hi domesticgodess,

          I went there earlier this summer, and I'd have to say that I wasn't that impressed - maybe I just ordered poorly. I too ordered the s'mores (looked fab), but I also had the quiche and the croissant. I would have to say that the quiche was really tasty with a light phylo 'crust'. It was one of the best quiches I've had. However, the rest of the items fell flat for me. The croissant tasted very bread-y and was IMO a bit forgettable. The s'more was really sweet (in a good way), but didn't have too much going for it in terms of depth of flavour. Have you tried the s'mores at Far Niente? The first time I went, they served it with a pot de creme (Lindt) and homemade mallows - they've changed the recipe since though, unfortuantely... Ever since I tried that concoction, my expectations have elevated a bit for s'mores. But I guess each chef has their own take.
          Next time I'll try the sandwich though if I'm in the area.
          I'll try to post my photos later tonight so that other CHs can see the food and get their taste-buds prepped.

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            1. re: BokChoi

              Indeed I saw a few phyllo tarts and I was tempted coz it "Looked" great, but sometimes looks can be deceiving.
              Not to mention, I was really in the mood for a sandwich!!
              The photos are gr8!!

              1. re: domesticgodess

                Thanks Domesticgodess. I was tempted by the sandwiches as well, but my stomach had a limited capacity, unfortunately. Hopefully I will have an opportunity to return to try the sandwiches. Would make a nice picnic lunch I'm sure! Anna Olson was actually there decorating a wedding cake when I stopped by - a refreshing sight, since I assumed most 'celebrity chefs' just put up a front or their name. Good to know she still has her hand on the pulse of her shop. She was a super down-to-earth lady and had some good recommendations for what to do around the the port.

              2. re: BokChoi

                From the picture, I can see why you say her croissants were bready, & a bit forgettable.

                1. re: BLM

                  I'm a huge proponent of photos - as food is as much eaten by your mouth, as it is with the eyes. I think it's a good gauge to see if a food item is up your alley or not. I'll try to keep posting photos along with my reviews as I am rarely seen without my camera around the city anyway!

                  1. re: BokChoi

                    I stopped in yesterday for lunch, The large menu board had some delicious sounding sandwiches and I had decided on the pulled pork. I was then told that was the summer menu and they were just switching over to the fall menu not posted.
                    We looked over the new menu and order the Fall Harvest Sandwich and the Festive fall sandwich.
                    The Fall Harvest was a mixture of squash, yellow and gree zuchinni, other root veggies in a flour tortilla served like a quesedilla. It was somewhat bland and lacked a bit of dressing or something..
                    The Festive sandwich however was AMAZING! It was like Thanksgiving dinner in a sandwich!sliced turkey and smoked chicken, slice of cheese, homemade stuffing and cranberry muststard on a freshly baked ciabatta pressed on a panini grill. really delicious..

                    1. re: burlgurl

                      Thanks for the report, burlgurl. The sandwiches sound great - many have praised it. I will probably pick one up the next time I head to Niagara Falls for a nice picnic.

                      I would agree with Dr Butcher, as I found their baked goods to be below par. They looked great, but no substance. But to each their own.


                      1. re: BokChoi

                        BokChoi, when I went to Olson's Bakery, I went for the bread and found them to be quite good...I bought something along the lines of a rosemary and olive bread that was really delicious and we also bought a baguette. The centre was nice with a bit of chew and the taste was great. The only minor complaint was that the crust was just a little too hard. I haven't tried the desserts yet though.

                        1. re: icey

                          I should try the bread perhaps - I have heard good things about their sandwiches. I doubt I would return for the baked sweets though.

                          1. re: BokChoi

                            Sorry to say, BokChoi, but sandwiches are iffy, too. My husband and I were sorely disappointed with ours. Sandwiches aren't complicated beasts, generally, but one of ours was not only lacking flavour, but it was very short on some of the listed ingredients, as well.

                            Were I in the neighbourhood, I'd stop in to salivate over some of the preserves and non-perishables; plus, you never know when you're going to find a pretty stash of fresh chanterelles in season. And, if I were already there, I'd probably be sucked in to buying some of the sweets, as I have in the past, and I'd probably lament, again, how they didn't taste as good as they looked...

                            Ya, and I might have a sandwich too. They do sound good, and one can always hope...

                            1. re: Full tummy

                              Thanks for the warning, Full tummy. That's too bad. It was a great location to pick up some nice picnic food for the beach/boardwalk stroll. Is there any place in the area you would recommend as a worthy alternative?

                              1. re: BokChoi

                                It's been a while since I've thoroughly explored the area, but I would try Cheese Secrets, 233 King Street, Niagara on the Lake, or the Stone Road Grille take-out shop which is just a couple of doors away from the SRG restaurant.

                                Not sure of anything else in Port Dalhousie, tho.

                                Others may be more in the know and have different suggestions.

                                Let us know how it goes, BokChoi!

                                1. re: Full tummy

                                  Thanks for the suggestions Full_tummy. It probably will be several more months before I head that way again - NOTL is just so seasonal. Perhaps once the plays start up again.

                        2. re: BokChoi

                          I have to agree about the sweet baked goods. When the bakery first opened a few years ago I visited it because we had eaten at On the Twenty in Jordan, Ontario when Anna was pastry chef there and were very impressed. When the bakery in Port Dalhousie first opened the pastries were excellent, just as good as at the restaurant. However, this summer I stopped in there and bought a variety of baked goods to take home, cookies, tarts. I have to say, the quality had definitely declined. They were rather tasteless and my husband, who did not know where I had bought them commented on their lack of taste as well and was very surprised when I told him where I had purchased them. I'm not sure what is different, but something sure is. A recommendation for good pastries - not in Port Dalhousie, but in Niagara on the Lake - Willow Cakes & Pastries. Delicious, full of taste.

                          1. re: fanfood

                            Willow Cakes is indeed great. The only dessert item I tried was the Smores as was mentioned in the original post and I loved it!

                            1. re: fanfood

                              Thank you for the rec on Willow Cakes. I don't believe I have tried that one. I was not at all impressed with Olson's baked goods, but it was a pleasure meeting her. She was very sweet.

                2. Ive never been really all that impressed with the sweets from Olsen's in Port Dalhousie. My dad is a huge fan and he's been numerous times, what he's brought to me has looked stunning but the flavours have never matched the looks of the food. I can see paying the money for premium ingredients if the stuff tastes good. I find there, you're paying for the celebrity, not the taste.

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                  1. re: Dr Butcher

                    Wife and I tried to visit this place on Friday, Sept24, 2010.
                    We were told by a lady at a clothing store that Olson's has been closed for over a year so don't bother trying to visit. While Port Dal is pretty it was a bit out of the way on our way to NOTL.