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Jul 28, 2008 07:23 AM


Has anyone been yet? I am thinking about going this weekend. Any suggestions?

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  1. Passed by this weekend. I'd bet dollars to donuts its the same people as Cafeteria in Chelsea. Food there is great but I loathe the place in every other respect.

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      It is the same people as Cafeteria, the menu look fun but I've yet to get there.

    2. I went this last weekend. They're definitely still working out some nuts and bolts, but their manager and our waitress both gave great service. Food was very reasonably priced $9-19 ave., 1-2 entrees $25-29. My friend had the lamb (it was good, not great for $27), I had the skirt steak (which was excellent, rich sauce and served with the best onion rings I've ever had) $17 - I recommend it. We shared the muscles for an appetizer, the muscles were on the smaller size, but the chorizo, veggies and sauce were excellent! Their portions are generous. I’d go back, but I wouldn’t run there. The place itself is very industrial looking, silver beams framing the place, all the walls are windows, which were all open, so the whole restaurant is open. It was a bit loud and just seems to not fit well with the neighborhood, not an ideal addition.

      1. I'm not certain which is the bigger draw here: the flash or the food. Presentation of all the dishes was rustic and appealing, especially juxtaposed with the modern atmosphere and trendy clientele, but the food itself was a mixed affair. A lot of it seemed to be a tongue-in-cheek attempt to repackage comfort food for beguccied dieters and their Morgan Stanley enablers, but quite often fell flat on its face.

        The fabled cheeseburger spring rolls were an interesting conceit. They tasted pretty good, though solid cheese and a patty would have worked better than the loosemeat that spills out and I would've much rather had some Heinz than homemade ketchup. Fried chicken in a bucket was great: crunchy, not greasy and all around satisfying. Onion rings, on the other hand, were atrocious. The batter was thick and soaked through with oil. If there was any paprika in there, I certainly couldn't taste it. Desserts also attempted to twist classics, though I don't know that they worked. The spicing in the strawberry panna cotta was redolent of fall, but unpleasant with the summery fruit. S'mores were good, though the $8 price tag for 5 marshmallows and some graham crackers was a bit steep. Either way, it's hard to mess up something the diner is left to assemble themselves. Tres leches cake was just bad. There was no need to enrobe the moist cake in bruleed meringue. What point does that serve other than to tack on an excessive layer of fancy and make the cake taste burnt?

        Service also dripped with excessive attitude. We tried to place orders for the table, tapas-style, but the aspiring model who debuted as our server replaced confusion with condescension when we had to explain to her 3 times that we didn't want our food served individually. Maybe I'd go back for drinks and appetizers, but I don't really see a need for me to repeat dinner and a headache.