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Jul 28, 2008 07:15 AM

Celebratory dinner in Venice?

The four of us are looking for a good quality restaurant in Venice, preferably with a view, for a very important anniversary in late September. We're not concerned with innovation or Michelin-starred artistry, but we would like a multi-course meal of high standard, and if that could come with a great view of the Redentore or Salute, or some architectural gem along those lines, then all would be perfect. Price is no object, but it is important that the dinner runs smoothly in terms of service and cuisine.

Thanks in advance,


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  1. Quadri, with a view of San Marco. Monaco & Grand Canal, with a view of Salute. Can't think of any grand restaurant in the Dorosoduro that would give you a view of Il Redentore.

    1. If money is no oggetto then why not The Gritti Palace for a view of the Salute? Don't be disappointed but the church is somewhat covered by scaffolding. For Il Redentore try La Piscina, the place out over the water on the Zattere that's connected to Pensione Calcina. We usually go there for uno spritz but often stay for a light snack or even a pretty decent dinner. Linea d'Ombra has tables on the water and it's almost directly across from Il Redentore. It also has an excellent reputation for fine dining.

      1. Most of the above suggestions will give you a memorable view but I am not sure it is what you are looking for in terms of food. The part of the Grand Canal that has the view of the Salute are lined with luxury hotels with a terrace. Most of the food will be decent to good, the service of a catering and polished sort and very expensive. The Gritti, Bauer and the rooftop terrace of the Danieli offer some of the best views. Further over on the Riva degli Schiavoni are lined with informal outside places, catering to mostly tourists. As an above poster stated, the Salute has been under scaffolding for who knows how long.
        Most of the places on the Zattere that has a view of Il Redentore caters to families out on a weekend stroll or tourists. It is more geared for drinks and light meals.
        Venice has good restaurants that offer a view of canals. They might be a better bet for good food and good service.

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          Can't disagree with PB about "most of the places" on the Zattere. Linea d'ombra, however, puts out a gourmet meal and charges accordingly. Look it up elsewhere. And its "deck" has a beautiful view of Il Redentore as well as San Giorgio Maggiore. We ate indoors there in late March/early April and were very pleased. Again, check it out, but it seems to fulfill your two requirements.

        2. I recently had a fabulous lunch at Riviera ,on Zattere. The view from the outdoor area is absolutely classic. The food and service were both absolutely excellent!

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            I must be alone in thinking that the view from Zattere is not as enticing as other views in Venezia. I've never eaten at Trattoria Sempione, but I'd want to snag that one table hanging over the canal, but it might be better for one couple, not two.

            1. re: summerUWS2008

              I am another person who thinks that the view from the Zattere to the Giudecca is not as wonderful as some others in Venice. It's a straight canal with too many large ships plying it. Also the buildings on the Giudecca does not compare to the palazzos on the Grand Canal. The Zattere does get more sun than just about anywhere elae in Venice. A stroll with a fruit gelato from Nico is still special.

          2. in italy (and lots of other places) big views and good food rarely onverge.
            Ive not been to these but Altanella and Cips place on the Zattere, I believe, have views and might meet your criteria. Others can comment..
            Alla Zucca has seats out over a small canal and Dalla Marisa, La Fontana and Anice Stellato and many more face canals, and would have outside seats in summertime. Non of the latter mentioned group are fancy, however, if that is what you are seeking nor do they offer a standard photo view. Id say have the best meal you can find and then take a walk for the view.

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              Altanella is, in fact, on the Giudecca. It's on a canal that leads from the Giudecca Canal to the "outer" lagoon. It has quite a few tables on a patio on the canal and serves excellent seafood. I guess the attraction of the Zattere - as with the Riva degli Schiavoni - is the openness. Much of Venice gives the feeling of being closed in. In colder months, as someone has pointed out, it does have the advantage of the south-facing perspective. Large ships? Yes, certainly, but also all the other varities of Venetian sea craft. Watching a gondolier work his way home to the Giudecca across that large expanse while the sun sets is a pleasure. And I have to admit I always get a sinful feeling of superiority as I watch those unfortunate folks who are leaving Venice for the Tronchetto after spending their fifteen minutes of fame in the magical city.

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                Sorry. Cips, or whatever it's called, is also on the Giudecca - not the Zattere. It's part of the Cipriani Hotel.

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                  The Hotel Cipriani, besides Cip's Club, also has Fortuny, both inside and out. The OP should look at their website.

                  Altanella, although a terrific restaurant, only serves seafood. The only meat they offer is traditional Venetian liver.