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Brentwood area restaurant help?

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Hi there-
Can anyone recommend a good restaurant in the Brentwood area (prefer closer to Sunset / Barrington), casual dress, good for Weight Watcher and non-Weight Watcher alike?

Thanks so much for the help!

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  1. Bandera (American) on Wilshire at Barrington; Le Pettit café on Broadway or Coloradi near 26th (French); Taiko(Japanese, noodles, sushi, etc.) on San Vicente near Barrington; Chaya Venice (Franco-Japanese) on Main near Rose; Literati café (soups, sandwiches, salads, casual but cleand and good) on Wislhire near Bundy; El Pollo Inka on Barrington & Wilshire; Le Pain Quotidien (French cafe, casual) on Barrington Circle; Brentwood (American, steak) on Barrington near the Circle.

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      Phyl, have you noticed the sign upstairs in the same little mall with Pollo Inka for a new place called Foodies? It will be were Tetrazzini (sp?) used to be on the corner facing Wilshire of the west side of the building.

      I don't know anything about it except for that. Although with that name I am not expecting too terribly much in the way of good chow, (hopefully this will be one of those don't judge a book by its cover type deals).

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        You're all wonderful. Thanks so much! :)
        Sea :)

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          I tried Foodies with a couple of friends and was plesantly surprised. The food was great and the prices were reasonable.

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            What sort of dishes do they have and is it L & D? Thanks for the info.

      2. Let me second Taiko. Across San Vicente, there is also Pizzicotto, 117568 San Vicente, which should fit the bill. It has a terrific wine list and good food. I've gone in suits and gone in jeans. Call and make a reservation -- it's small and can be jammed.

        1. In brentwood circle you have an italian place called Davinos thats very good.

          1. The answer is in your question. What you seek is Brentwood (Restaurant and Lounge) on Barrington near Sunset. Something for everyone and great lighting.

            Link: http://www.brentwoodrestaurant.com

            1. The answer is in your question. What you seek is Brentwood (Restaurant and Lounge) on Barrington near Sunset. Something for everyone and great lighting.

              Link: http://www.brentwoodrestaurant.com

              1. The Clay Pit is great. it's on Barrington, about a half block south of Sunset. There is convenient parking nearby.

                If in West LA, try Greek Kabob on Olympic just east of Bundy. The chicken souvlaki is awesome, and the great salad is fresh, light and very flavorful. The hummus is great there, too. Everything there seems very fresh, flavorful and healthy. It's in a strip center with easy parking.

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                  I don't care one bit for Greek Kabob.

                2. Just down from Sunset are the best ones, along San Vincente. Love Sor TIno & Tavern.

                  1. Divino at 11714 Barrington Ct. (Sunset Blvd.) Los Angeles, CA 90049 Phone:
                    310-472-0886. Very good casual Italian. The Brentwood is also very good, very dark and trendy.

                    1. banderas on wilshire/barrington is decent. sort of like houstons - reliable, good drinks, decent food but not spectacular

                      palmeri is decent italian food. san vicente close to barrington. nice wine list;

                      closer to sunset, go to clay pit - indian...ok...saketini - i've been told it's decent....

                      iel pollo inka is no longer in brentwood. there is a new italian place in that mall - enzo & angela - found it to be ok...

                      1. You should really give Enzo & Angela a try. They don't have the points already calculated for you, but you can pretty much customize anything there. You can ask for less oil, less salt, less cheese... or the non-ww can ask for more oil, more salt, more cheese, more sauce... whatever. You should really give it a try. I've been there at least 5 times and am always taking new people there. I've taken over 15 people there and each time everyone has walked out saying it's better than some of the restaurants they've been to in Italy. It's a place in a strip mall, yes... but once you go inside you'll forget about that. The servers are especially helpful. They're very patient and above all... excellent. They don't forget that you're sitting there, they don't rush you out the door when you've finished. And... my personal favorite, you'll get a complimentary flute of dessert wine at the end of your meal. I'm a total foodie and have gone on culinary trips and this place tops some of the well-known places around the country. Give it a try and see what you think! I'm attaching a picture of my personal favorite dish, the seafood risotto.