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Jul 28, 2008 06:34 AM

Bazin's on Church - review

We gave Bazin's on Church a second try last night, but we won't be going again. It wasn't 'bad', it just wasn't good enough to make our list. My husband and I both agreed that if they fixed one or two of the problem areas, it might be ok but as is it just added up to a failure.
So, what were the problem areas you ask? Here's what we thought:

Our opentable reservation was for 5:30, so the restaurant was fairly empty when we arrived and quite full by the time we left.

Service was pretty lacking for a restaurant at this price point. Our 'main' waiter (the one who took our orders for dinner and dessert) was non-existent once the order was taken and his attitude while taking the orders was inattentive and rushed. My mother-in-law decided shortly after the main dishes were delivered that she'd like a glass of iced tea. It took 2 requests and probably 15 minutes for her to receive it. Service was pretty much 'drop and run'. We ordered a couple of appetizers to share and even though we indicated that when ordering and when the apps arrived, no individual plates were provided. We ended up crowding the apps onto our bread plates. Busboy tried to clear the apps before we were finished. Coffee arrived well after desserts and no refills were offered, even though cups were emptied before the desserts were finished.

As soon as the place started to fill the noise level became uncomfortably loud. I don't like having to raise my voice to be heard by my companions at a four-top. I know restaurants think the noise adds 'excitement' to their atmosphere, but I don't like it.

The food was just ok. We started with the Roasted Asparagus and the duck quesadilla. The asparagus tasted more steamed than roasted, though the accompanying mushrooms were quite tasty. The quesadilla was good, I especially liked the chipotle crema. I had the special of the evening, a blackened swordfish on roasted potato slices with corn (again with chipotles). The corn was terrific,sweet and smoky. Unfortunately, the swordfish was overly salty and slighlty overcooked. My husband had the veal milanese, it was underwhelming. While nicely flavored, the fried batter was too much and the greens on top too little. The dish was just not balanced..a big piece of fried veal and not much else. Also, it looked to me like the veal had been deep fried, not pan fried, though there was no indication of this on the menu. My mother-in-law had the scallops. She was pleased with them, though I noticed she left quite a lot of the accompanying sides pushed off to the side. Desserts were Apple cobbler, mixed-berry shortcake and chocolate torte. Nothing wrong, just nothing special either.

As I said, not 'bad', just not good enough.

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  1. I have never been to Bazin's, but I have heard roughly the same criticisms in the past, especially the noise. Thanks for confirming my desire to avoid the place.

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      I went a few times about a year ago and I do remember the noise level being a little louder than I would have liked for dinner. However, try lunch time...the food really is pretty good. (Unless, of course, they've changed Chefs recently)

    2. I had the same experience the last time I went (which was a year ago)- I've been there 3 times (the last time with a group- someone else picked the place) and concluded that it's not worth it to go back- even if a group picks it again..

      1. I have been to Bazins several times for dinner, brunch, a special event and have loved the food each time and the service was great and will go back time and time again and will always recommend people go.

        1. I've had lunch there 3 times during the past year; most recently for my husband's birthday. The food has always been above-average and we will definitely return for lunch or brunch.

          1. I'm so sorry to hear that. We've had two similar experiences, though both over a year ago. In fact we emailed the owner to share our feedback because we so wanted it to be a great neighborhood restaurant. I think they do well on slow evenings, but once things pick up, the service is innatentive and sloppy and the noise level too high. I will say though that we were generally very impressed with the food, particularly seafood dishes.