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Jul 28, 2008 05:58 AM

Kiku Yama-Dedham

A friend of mine is looking to have dinner in a Japanese style steak house and asked if I had any experience dining at Kiku Yama in Dedham. Since I have never been to this type of restaurant, I told her I would go to the experts on chowhound for input. Has anyone dined here? How was the food, service, overall experience? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. I feel like with teppanyaki steak houses, dinner is more about the show than the food itself. I had a lot of fun watching my food being cooked at Kiku Yama (I especialy enjoyed the onion volcano).

    My order was a thin piece of steak wrapped around green onions and my friend got the lobster. The meat and seafood was cooked to the desired doneness, but the flavoring all tasted really similar--kind of like when you get food at Fire and Ice. The vegetable tempura and squid tempura are super crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. And the sushi at Kiku Yama is way underrated. I also recommend Feng Shui in Chelmsford for teppanyaki.

    1. I have been to Kiku Yama several times but not in the last year. I thought it was very good...for groups i think it is Very good. I usually got the steak and lobster which at the time was under $25 which i thought the value could not have been beaten.

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        Most of the time there is a pathetic volcano and that's it. It should be a fast-moving show with acrobatic utensils and flying shrimps but you won't see it here or elsewhere in MA. Most of the time you're just watching a guy cooking like you do on a cruise cafeteria or at Fire and Ice. The only person there who can do a decent show is a person name Hunter.

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            My kids are small, so we frequent this place fairly often, and actually I find it quite good. I generally go with a combo plate that has scallops (a very generous portion), but last time I was there, I went with the monkfish which was really really good.
            The show is lame and repetitive - there is no variety to it, but it keeps my 5 year old entertained long enough.
            For the money, this place is very good, and the food is consistently very much above average. I would recommend it to anyone who was interested in this style of dining.

      2. The sushi is only passable. I know you didn't ask about that part, but just in case....

        1. Several months ago at the request of my MIL we went to this place, and several factors conspired to make it an unpleasant experience.

          We arrived on the early side and it was virtually empty. We asked for a small table since MIL can be hard of hearing, but were shown to assigned seating at a table that resembled a pool table. If I had to guess the others at the table were a young couple out on a date and grandparents with grandchildren in tow, all out for a special occasion. Conversation was virtually impossible, since each group wanted time with each other, and anything said was heard by everyone.

          The food was even worse. Our trio chose lobster, beef and chicken. Despite the chef's attempts to make it look interesting, the cooking oil and sauce were below average and tasteless. One in our group had a taste of everything and commented that it all tasted the same. The miso soup was also flavorless. Service varied between rude and indifferent.

          I hate to be so critical, and it might be fun under other circumstances, but we found it among our worst dining experiences.

          I'm no expert on Japanese steak houses but I would take a friend elsewhere.