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Jul 28, 2008 05:52 AM

Wine Tastings/Classes

While I know this isn't entirely food related...I'm also sure many people on here know of some great suggestions for my classes since a love of good foods tends to match up with a love for good wines. I'm looking for wine stores/shops/bars in the city that offer wine classes and am having a difficult time finding which ones do this. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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  1. I've taken classes at both Tasting World and Astor Center Both were good experiences. Tasting World was a bit more intimate and personable with lots of questions and class participation.

    1. One Sunday a month Bar Jamon has started to do a wine tasting series. Also check out Italian Wine Merchants in Union Square. They hold classes about 3-4 times a month as well that are excellent.

      1. If you sign up for the New York newsletter at this site, you'll be notified of huge numbers of events.

        (I have no connection with this operation, just passing it on.)

        1. i've taken a course at crush on 57th & 3rd. it was really good and intimate. the gentleman who gave the course was an author on wine plus a wine buyer for a handful of stores and restaurants. it was really nice.