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Jul 28, 2008 05:15 AM

Hill Country a Hit

My husband and I went to Hill Country for dinner last night, despite reading a few negative reviews. To my relief (it was my suggestion!), we had a really good experience both food and service-wise.

We shared a combo that included pork ribs, beef ribs, brisket and chicken. The pork ribs were amazing. If you order one thing, this is it. The brisket and chicken were both very good. The only miss was the beef ribs, which were dry and basically devoid of meat. Luckily, I was so full of everything else that I couldn't complain.

We also got four sides - cowboy caviar, green bean casserole, german potatoes, and cucumber salad. The potatoes and cucumber salad were great. The cowboy caviar was a nice, cold counterpoint to the salty meat, but the green bean casserole was a little blah.

Service from start to finish was impressive - friendly wait staff and butchers/cooks who took the time to find out what we liked and I even saw samples being offered to the undecided.

While the set-up can seem a little precious and it was getting really crowded by the time we left, the food and service made it a great experience.

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  1. I thought Hill Country was known for huge tender and delicious beef ribs. I have read in the past on these boards they do some of the best beef ribs around. Maybe they changed something? Can anyone confirm since I would love to try Hill Country but was bent on trying the beef ribs as I love them bigtime.

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      The regular Beef Ribs are very tasty but don't have a lot of meat on them. The best rib is when it has the Beef Short Ribs as a special. A few weeks back they also had boar ribs as a special and they were quite good. I think its moist brisket is the best everyday item.

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        Here's the secret-the boneless prime rib is the best thing on the menu. SHHH!

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          The beef rib they served up at the Big Apple Block party was meaty and delicious. Haven't tried the one from the restaurant though.

          1. re: ESNY

            I went a while ago but your experience at the block party was the same as mine at hill county.

        2. the sauces they put out on the tables are really, really weird. (one had banana in it??) wish I brought my own. chili was fine. pull pork sandwich was fine. cole slaw, fine. ate at the bar -- bartender had to verify my order twice before putting it in. seemed pretty spacey.
          all in all, pretty underwhelming.

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            OOPS - I was talking about Wildwood BBQ, not Hill Country!!! please disregard my comment

          2. aww Hill Country is great, I love the atmosphere. recently tried some of their chili and its some of the best in the city.