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why ask people to "vote" for TNFS?

knowing the winner was picked, i wondered this aloud while watching last night's airing of the final show with winner announcement. they actually flashed a telephone number for viewers to call. why?

better idea for fn: make it a LIVE series in the future. have people vote.


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  1. I was curious too. Wondering if and when they are going to announce it.

    1. i didn't bother watching since i already knew the outcome, but my guess is that they wanted to find out 2 things - 1) if there were any viewers watching the show who actually cared enough to vote; and 2), if their choice was the same one the viewers would have made.

      but we all know the answer is a resounding "NO!" on both counts :)

      1. This finale lacked everything!! It seemed so canned. No excitement at all. I also wondered why the phone # flashed for a split second. They used to have the public vote *before*the finale and probably did away with it due to last seasons disaster. Like I said in another post, if this seasons winner doesn't go past his required 6 episodes, TNFNS should be tanked.

        1. It;s just to vote for Viewer's Favorite. Pretty meaningless, I'd say.

          1. Didnt the Hearty Boys and Guy F. win by popular vote? I thought thats how the used to do it...

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              With the Hearty Boys there definitely was a vote. I can't remember how they did it the year Guy won. Anyway, the Food Network evidently decided not to leave it up to viewers.

            2. You know, I found their entire little "contest" to be completely unethical in so many ways. I've made a decision to stop watching their network for now. I don't watch much - I'll miss Iron Chef America. But I'm willing to pass on it. I just have a problem with the way the network does business these days.


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                Meryl, I'm not disagreeing with you, but I was hoping you'd elaborate on your opinions: In what ways did you find the contest to be unethical?

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                  Well, the most glaring example of them being unethical was changing the rules when Aaron blew the Las Vegas show. Their rules were to get rid of the weakest person each week. But they liked Aaron so much and I'm guessing they knew at that time that he was going to get the show. So that they changed the show, and ruined it for the 2 contestants who did do well. If they aren't willing to follow the rules of their own game, then what is the point.

                  Then, knowing that Aaron was going to get the show (I'm presuming that they knew), they asked us all to vote on fan favorite. They didn't even mention the results - was that because the winner was already decided? What about the vote? If it wasn't Aaron, shouldn't Lisa or Adam have gotten something from it like they do on Top Chef?

                  Aaron was a weak contestant, that is how I feel.

                  They kept saying they were looking for something new to add to the network with their culinary perspective. Aaron's big bold flavors was nothing new.

                  They repeatedly talked about how unlikeable Lisa was, but then on the last show, talked about how likeable she was.

                  Reading another thread somewhere on this board, it looks as though there's some suspicioun that they took Adam's idea to get involvement through the internet by people at home.

                  I would have to say that they fixed the Las Vegas show against Lisa. Her challenge was clearly much more difficult than the other two.

                  Aaron seems to have gotten a lot of extra help during his 3 minute promo that Adam and Lisa didn't get (though one can't be sure due to editing).

                  When Lisa met with that guy on the last episode to do her pitch, she came in completely prepared. Adam came in somewhat prepared. Aaron had nothing but his line about "Big bold flavors." He was empty of ideas.

                  If they make it a contest, they should choose the winner. If they don't want to do it that way, then they should find talent on their own, instead of misleading the viewer to think that it is a contesto of that type, when it is not.

                  I don't like the direction of the Food Network. I don't like the excessive marketing, I don't like how it changed from a place where I learned to cook, and I don't like Bob Tuschman and Susie Folgerson (sp?). I also don't like how they tell their judges on other shows to excessively criticize (another thread on Chowhownd, I believe).

                  They've just become a very unlikeable network to me.


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                    All of the above could very well be why Lisa has publicly bitched on a blog (hers?) about the editing and what happened. Time after time, it sounds like she proved herself or she was given more difficult challenges than others or others (Aaron) got more help (again, without seeing everything on the editing room floor, we don't know that for sure).

                    All in all, TFN and this show is a farce. Not much better than the game show scandals back in the 50s that were manipulated for ratings.

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                      Nice assessment. Ill admit to being hooked on the network and still love to watch many shows (Iron chef, Good eats, Throwdown) but was incredibly turned off by what they did with the seasen of NFNS. I feel like we were all treated like morons.