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Jul 28, 2008 03:59 AM

why ask people to "vote" for TNFS?

knowing the winner was picked, i wondered this aloud while watching last night's airing of the final show with winner announcement. they actually flashed a telephone number for viewers to call. why?

better idea for fn: make it a LIVE series in the future. have people vote.


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  1. I was curious too. Wondering if and when they are going to announce it.

    1. i didn't bother watching since i already knew the outcome, but my guess is that they wanted to find out 2 things - 1) if there were any viewers watching the show who actually cared enough to vote; and 2), if their choice was the same one the viewers would have made.

      but we all know the answer is a resounding "NO!" on both counts :)

      1. This finale lacked everything!! It seemed so canned. No excitement at all. I also wondered why the phone # flashed for a split second. They used to have the public vote *before*the finale and probably did away with it due to last seasons disaster. Like I said in another post, if this seasons winner doesn't go past his required 6 episodes, TNFNS should be tanked.

        1. It;s just to vote for Viewer's Favorite. Pretty meaningless, I'd say.

          1. Didnt the Hearty Boys and Guy F. win by popular vote? I thought thats how the used to do it...

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              With the Hearty Boys there definitely was a vote. I can't remember how they did it the year Guy won. Anyway, the Food Network evidently decided not to leave it up to viewers.