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Jul 27, 2008 11:16 PM

Food Network "Food Detectives"


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  1. Only watched the spicy food and a bit of the refrigerator part. Really painful to watch. Love Ted Allen, but wasn't happy with how they tweaked him up a bit. Show was all about the campiness of Good Eats that I don't like.

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    1. re: Miss Needle

      It was like watching Nickelodean. I expected slime to come from the ceiling at any moment. Couldn't watch it.

      1. re: smtucker

        Oh my gosh, you're right! I couldn't take watching it for more than a few minutes, it was that annoying. And I like Ted Allen, too. For me it's yet another dumb food trivia show (not as bad as the awful Unwrapped, but similar). It has no relevence for me. I'll occasionally watch Road Tasted or Diners Drive-Ins and Dives because I might, conceivably, see a product I might want or resto I might want to visit. But Food Dectectives? What's the point? If I drop something on the floor, I don't count to five. I toss it out!

        1. re: SharaMcG

          I felt exactly the same way. I, too, really like Ted Allen, but this show is not right for him. I was too
          uncomfortable to watch it for more than about 10 minutes...and what kind of budget do they have for it? It looked soooo cheap.

        2. re: Miss Needle

          I think it was a mix of all the bad bits that I don't like of Unwrapped and Bill Nye the science guy.

          They treat science as if it were a mysterious and mythological thing.

          I hated the fact that they made the food techs look like idiots, i.e. mug for the camera. They used the whole tease thing way too often.

          I was ready to scream:" Tell us the damned answers before wasting any more of my ^(*^(^)&*%$ time!"

          And then managed to make one of the more pleasant people on television, Ted Allen, sound like a moron, or Marc Summers, whichever you prefer.

          1. re: Phaedrus

            I am in whole-hearted agreement all around. The mugging, the in-your-face-ness, the pandering, the gaudy, cheap set and photography... And all in the name of "science"? Hardly a truly scientific way of examining the spicy food remedies (see the just-this-week repeated MythBusters episode for the same damn topic, done properly:


            - oh and they've done the "5-second rule" too).

            Ted Allen - who I respect and like- was on the verge of being Pee-Wee Hermanized...

            Painful all around.

            1. re: Scortch

              As a big MythBusters fan .. yep, you nailed it. Half the show was done previously by MB and done better and more scientifically and (even though the MythBusters team can have fun and ham things up) done without any of the corny gags.

              1. re: HarryK

                I still haven't seen the Food Detectives (It is on my DVR, haven't had a chance) but if this show is basically Mythbusters but less serious then I don't think I'll like it. I quit watching MB years ago because they started getting more into "the presentation" and less into the nitty gritty.

                1. re: HarryK

                  Just took a peek to see if this show had actually warranted any further episodes beyond the initial 3. There's two more up and coming, "Sleepy Turkey" (sure to be filled with the "Detectives" mugging and yawning...) and "Poppy Seed Drug Test"... yet another bit of territory very, VERY well previously covered by Mythbusters.

                  Talk about a lack of originality!

              2. re: Phaedrus

                Hmm. Was it a Marc Summers production, I wonder???

            2. I actually enjoyed this show... nothing super-groundbreaking or really new about it, but entertaining.

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              1. re: Kajikit

                I've only seen Ted Allen as a judge on Iron Chef America, and he struck me as someone who knew food. Too bad the first episode of this show came out as such complete trash.

                Where to start? I expected this to be an informative show, like Good Eats usually is. But besides the best way to quench spicy foods test and parts of the other tests, nothing came close to explaining anything.

                More than anything, this show insulted the viewer's intelligence. The most egregious example was when Ted commented that he was surprised that the food lab's supposedly clean floors were dirtier than a sidewalk that dogs walked over. And instead of the food tech explaining why, the food tech basically says, "well, yeah." Ugh. I'm not a super scientist, but I'm pretty sure it's more plausible for a dry outdoor surface that is exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun will be cleaner than an enclosed indoor laboratory that's exposed to a bunch of nasty stuff.

                The "find out after these messages" tactics don't help either. Neither does Ted's rather ditzy demeanor that is nothing like his demeanor on Iron Chef. Maybe the show will get better later on, but it doesn't look good now.

              2. Ted Allen is outstanding as a judge/commentator/blogger, but this show is just bad. It's a bastardization of Mythbusters and Good Eats, and the subject matter is not very interesting. The questions they covered in the show could be answered in 30 seconds doing a search on Google or Yahoo Answers search.

                1. Just a bad show. Cheap production values, Ted appeared uncomfortable the entire time. Painful to watch and not worthwhile for anyone who has even the slightest clue about how things work. Were any of the answers to any of these things a surprise to anyone? Or am I just a complete nerd?

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                  1. re: farmersdaughter

                    No, lol. I mean it really reminded me of some videos we watched in jr high science classes.

                    1. re: iluvtennis

                      I think that was the intention, to get that ethos of kitschiness like that of badly made high school informational videos. I think they succeeded in that regard, but they failed in holding my attention.

                    2. re: farmersdaughter

                      Exactly..who doesn't know that milk puts out the fire!? OOH..I just ate a habanero pepper..give me something carbonated..quick! Come on!

                      And the people who were the test subjects?..really bad acting. I doubt they really ate a habanero salsa. Someone hit it on the head with the Nickelodean thing..I was waiting for the losers who picked the wrong beverage to get slimed.
                      Ted is so much better than this show..I wonder how he got suckered into doing it?

                      1. re: sugarbuzz

                        "Ted is so much better than this show..I wonder how he got suckered into doing it?"

                        It's amazing what a network can do/say to entice someone. Once that contract is signed, they often have a whole lotta leeway to change things for better or, as I think is the case with this, for worse. Unless he's signed for a time-based contract (foolish for him) I would be very, very surprised if we saw Ted hosting another show for FN after this one bombs.

                        1. re: Scortch

                          I think he was feeling the pressure to do something, anything. You can only be introduced as author of The Food You Want To Eat so many times, especially when sitting on panels with people like Tom Colicchio and Eric Ripert. He shoulda held out for something better though.

                    3. The most irritating thing is their calling the show scientific. At best, this show is a bunch of facts or psuedo-facts presented by actors. It is about as scientific as Alton Brown. When these folks start using meaningful samples and applying double-blind isolation techniques, they can start talking science. At least Alton will reference meaningful studies - this show just pretended that their actors acting, actually proved something. It may be intended for a juvenile audience, but I wouldn't let my kids watch it - it would teach them the wrong things about what science is and isn't.

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                      1. re: applehome

                        Plus Alton has Shirley Corriher on some times, a known entity. Who is the schmuck in the lab coat?