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Jul 27, 2008 09:52 PM

Juno (SEA)

New place inside the Arctic hotel (3rd and Cherry). Dungeness crab ravioli was very good--delicate thin pasta sheets, subtle sauterne cream sauce, not to be missed. Also enjoyed the crab/fig salad w/ Marcona almonds and cabrales in a marselan vinaigrette. The scallop tartare in tuille was a clever riff on an ice cream cone but did not work for me, it seemed to inhabit that twilight zone between savory and sweet characteristic of some molecular cuisine experiments. A chef to keep an eye on, though.

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  1. We had a very nice breakfast at Juno this morning. Husband had his standard 2 egg breakfast and said the bacon was "OK, but not outstanding". I had the Joey's Special which was wonderful. I really appreciate the availability of smaller portions on some of the classic brunch items. I had the "taste" size, and it was plenty...about a pound of ground (Wagyu) beef & (Iserno's) sausage with just enough egg, spinach and cheese to hold it loosely together.

    1. I had lunch at Juno last week. I had the smoked duck croissant sandwich with a side salad, and my dining companion had their burger and fries.

      My sandwich was good, but not great - the duck breast and crisp proscuitto and other fillings were quite good, but the croissant itself was cold, greasy, and not very flakey (could have probably benefited from a light toasting). The side salad on the other hand was very light and flavorful, with fresh field greens and a nice, light dressing.

      My dining companion commented that her burger was good, but not very special. I tried one of her fries and they were really good. I thought the presentation of the fries was quite odd - the large strips of potato were individually stacked up "lincoln log" style, and not very neatly at that. It was just not an appetizing presentaiton of french fries, which IMO are difficult to make look unappetizing.

      There is a strong emphasis on organic incredients and local purveyors. It was not too busy at lunchtime when we were there (on a weekday). Our server was very attentive, almost overly so, and seemed slightly nervous.

      Overall, it was neither a great experience nor a terrible experience. I should note that when I dined at Juno, it was only their 8th day of operation, so it's probably worth another try.

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        What were the lunch menu prices like? Has anyone else had lunch at Juno recently?

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          $10 sandwiches, $15-20 mains. Well-meaning but poor service, food uninteresting.

      2. So I finally ended up at Juno yesterday with some friends. I was honestly not expecting much having read comments here and elsewhere. We were all pleasantly surprised.

        The good:
        - Salads. The boar bacon, lentil, poached egg, frisee and the grilled escarole, duck confit, white bean spread, crostini salads were both quite good.
        - Mains. The roasted rabbit was very tasty, served atop the best spaetzle I've had in Seattle. (The portion of the rabbit dish was notably enormous - we ended up with rabbit in our lunches today.) The venison, ordered rare, came perfectly done. Likewise the scallops.
        - Desserts. Finally, a place that's bucking the trend of huge $9 desserts. Very much enjoyed the small, well-executed Gianduja Feuilletine ($4 iirc) after the large meal. One of our companions had a "Hot Apple Pie" cocktail that was a big hit as well.
        - Wine. Very much enjoyed the 2005 Domaine Gachot-Monot (IIRC)
        Côte de Nuits-Villages.

        The less good:
        - Atmosphere was a bit too quiet. (Dining on a rainy Monday evening might have been a factor.)
        - Service was friendly and enthusiastic but pacing was a bit slow at the start.
        - The petit choux with the venison were a bit undercooked for my liking.
        - Cocktails, (except the aforementioned toddy) were a disappointment, lacking bite. The non-drinking member of our party loved her mocktail, though.
        - Dessert menu should have included dessert beverages. We had to ask for the cocktail list again.
        - Bizzare, poorly signed route to the restrooms, located upstairs off the hotel lobby. (Nice restrooms, though.)

        All in all a pleasant evening out. The price felt fair for the quality of the ingredients and preparation, and for the portions served.

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          thanks for the report-- may have to revisit soon!