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Jul 27, 2008 08:38 PM

Any Suggestions for Unique Casual/Affordable Dining in Las Vegas?

We're coming to Vegas in September, a couple of mom's on a limited budget and even more limited wardrobes LOL Would love some suggestions of casual places to eat that will make us feel like we're on vacation, places we can't eat at home. Prefer not to spend more than $30-40 per person at the high end, and also need some choices for cheaper lunches or late late night dining after the shows/casinos. Would love to have a really good steak dinner that's not too frou frou, maybe some mexican or italian, and a good chinese place with the basics like sesame chicken/mongolian beef with kick ass fried rice, etc. We will have a car so doesn't matter if its on the strip or off as long as its not too far away. We're staying at Cancun Resort south of the strip.

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  1. True Island BBQ
    Fadó Irish Pub: I work there, so I am slightly biased : )

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      thanks for the ideas! Can you give me an idea of their locations? And tips on what to order would be great too :D

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        Can you tell us a little about both of them? I'm not familiar with either.

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          Sorry for the tardy reply. Work keeps me busy.
          They are both located on Eastern Ave. between Serene & Silverado.
          9470 S. Eastern Ave in fact.

      2. The Pasta Shop
        2495 E Tropicana Ave

        Locals and visitors in the know who can't stand the over-hyped and overpriced celeb chef joints on the Strip.

        1. Just ate at La Focaccia, very nice Italian place, locally owned on Eastern Avenue (not far from Fado's and Island, recommended below, and reasonably close to your hotel...and to Green Valley Ranch for some after dinner gaming/shopping at the District, outdoor shopping area.) terrific pastas, not super cheap, but not super pricy.

          Late late night...if you are down on the strip, consider Joyful House for Chinese on Spring Mountain Road. Open very late and terrific Chinese food.

          Also, for your upscale dinner, consider Todd's in Green Valley (Sunset and Green Valley Parkway). Very good locals place, family owned, and if you can go on Wed., you can BYO your own wine, which should allow it to stay within your budget. To give you an idea, my husband and I ate at the bar there the other day (our choice) and had five dishes (all appies/salads, but we like that) and a drink apiece (mixed for him, wine for me) for about 75 before tip.

          1. Rincon de Buenos Aires for the mixed grills of different meats.

            Rincon De Buenos Aires
            5300 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89146

            1. What about Rosemary's on a Wednesday night when ladies eat 50% off:

              Ladies Night at Rosemary's

              Every Wednesday evening, all ladies receive 50% off the food portion of their bill if dining with 8 or fewer total guests.* In our lounge, in addition to a food discount, ladies also receive happy hour pricing on drinks all night long. *See restrictions below.

              • Discount only given to ladies at tables with 8 or fewer (total) guests, regardless of the gender split
              • An 18% gratuity will be added to the pre-discounted amount of ANY CHECK WITH A LADIES NIGHT DISCOUNT
              • No separate checks

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