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Jul 27, 2008 08:32 PM

Best AZ ingredients

I thought this would be a fun and very informative topic for all of the AZ hounds. Where do you get your best Arizona based ingredients. I will start by giving a few of mine please chime in with yours as well.

Pork: The Pork Shop in Queen Creek. From bacon to chops to ribs to brats to ham, it seems like I have had it all from there and can't find any place that comes close to the quality of the Pork Shop.

Olive Oil: Queen Creek olive mill, right there on the same street as the pork shop AZ olives make great AZ olives and Olive Oil. We also picked up a tapenade there yesterday that was the hit of a BBQ we went to yesterday.

Bread: How great is it to live in a state that is home to the bread baker how out did the French at making baguettes. We have that at Simply Bread right here in Phoenix. The baguette, olive loaf, challah and oh so sweet Funky Monkey are all standouts.

Beef: A Bar H Farm is out on the AZ/NM border providing according to the owner the only true grass fed beef and lamb in the state. The key to A Bar H is that the cows are fed only grass from the start not merely finished (fed grass the last two weeks). You can buy the beef buy the cut with a 40 dollar minamum they make monthly visits to drop off points throughout the valley. Killer Top Sirloin.

Produce: McClendon Farms has the top chefs from all over the SW shopping their local AZ produce. For you and me we can get Bob's goodies on Wednesday Morning from October-June at the Town and Country farmers market. The taste is amazing. I never really liked veggies all that much until I tasted McClendon's and now I love them. Can't wait until October when I can get my hands on some more outstanding produce.

Fudge: Fossil Creek Goat Cheese Fudge is simply some of the best sweet stuff you will ever eat. I had this at the Glendale Chocolate Festival and again at Tapino's locavore dinner last month and can't wait to get more of it in August at Locavore 3. Amazing stuff.

Looking forward to your list as well,

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  1. I enjoy many of the listed items, in addition I load up on and ship back to Oregon the following:

    fresh limes

    1. A Bar H's beef is very tasty. I have not been a fan of some of the grass-fed beef I've purchased at Sprouts because of the overly "gamey" flavor, but I have not found that to be the case with them. I've tried the tri-tip and the ground beef, and look forward to trying the short ribs and roasts I have in the freezer.

      Simply Bread is fantastic; I just wish they'd open before 9am.

      Belinda's Pickles - just wow.

      McClendon Select - I'm in love with the fingerling potatoes.

      Terra Verde Farms - their jams are great in marinades and glazes for the grill.

      Four Peaks Brewery - Raj IPA on cask please. Nimbus also has a nice pale ale.

      Market Street Toffee - the zebra toffee is outrageous.

      1. As our daughter will be attending college at U of A in Tucson, we will be spending a lot more time there. We love Vivace.

        Any more recommendations?

        1. Although I have only gotten linguisa(a portuguese sausage) there, schreiner's sausage on 7th st has an amazing selection of hard to find types of sausages, bacon, etc. I know a lot of local restaurants use their product as well, Humble Pie definitely does, and I believe a few other pizza places(LGO and/or bianco?) also do.

          Schreiner's Fine Sausage
          3601 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85014

          1. Two of my family's favorites:
            The German Sausage Company - we love the white bratwurst and the dried, smoky "tourist sausages."
            Papago Brewing Company - they brew great beers (I'm waiting for the nut brown ale to reappear), and also have a huge selection of other breweries' products.

            Someone mentioned dates above-- where do you buy local ones?

            Papago Brewing Co
            7107 E McDowell Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85257

            German Sausage Co
            4900 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018

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              I thought they were closed, but after calling, it appears they are re-opening Aug 5. I tried going there about a month ago and there was no sign of activity.

              1. re: bortukan

                There's usually at least vendor selling dates at the Downtown Phoenix farmer's market on Saturday mornings (except during the summer).

                Downtown Phoenix Public Market
                721 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004