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Jul 27, 2008 08:17 PM

TNFNS winner! spoiler

I am quite happy with the winner, the only one with a personality that jumps!

I think the editing was very biased (perhaps, well ok it probably was) otherwise it was a fair decision, I WILL watch the winner's show in a week.

Aaron just had a personality that needed a bit of encouragement, he was the only one I would even consider watching if the winner got a show

he has to kill the bigdaddy thing tho-the neely's do it and it is already annoying

wtg aaron!



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  1. I'm also happy Arron won. I have liked him since the beginning. However I think Adam had the best pilot. Lisa who I was never a fan of,and came up with yet another reason about her reason for doing a show, I felt came in second. It was interesting to see that she developed a couple of new show ideas. Arron was third in this contest.

    On a side note I thought the president of FN could have made the effort an gotten a little dressed up for the finale. Just seemed very sloppy.

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    1. re: Withnail42

      Ha, I thought the same thing about the FN president. It looked as if someone grabbed her from her office, took her to the studio and said "read this". The producers should have helped dress Arron as well, and toned down Adam's makeup. The whole thing was a little hard to watch.

      I also thought Adam had the best pilot, but the concept seems the same as the upcoming "Ask Aida".

      1. re: azhotdish

        well they "phoned in" the network's entire programming, why not "phone in" the president's appearance on the show?

        here's the scenario:
        prez: uh, yeah, tushman, whaddya want? i'm on the line with my gardener.
        tush: well, madam president, i hate to disturb you,, could you come out to the set?
        prez: you don't get it, do you??! i have a henweed problem in my backyard! it must be addressed, and i'm on my way home! OK, tushman, you want what?
        come on the set?
        tush: (mumble)
        prez: oh, for cryin' out frickin' loud. AlLRIGHT already! i'm coming on over, but i am NOT happy about it. now.....WHY am i coming over?!

        1. re: azhotdish

          i agree with azhotdish & withnail. i finally had a chance to watch the finale last night, and i thought adam *killed* it with his pilot. to me, he was the clear winner. it was FUN to watch him, and he was so comfortable up there.

          susie fogelson is full of it. she was fawning all over aaron, telling him how she learned so much from watching him. huh? i didn't hear him offer a single tip that viewers might have found helpful. he didn't even explain WHY he waited until the last minute to throw the sliced garlic into his green beans - of course we all know that's to avoid burning & bitterness, but an amateur cook who's just turning in to learn something might not. he also made some random comment about the juices in his steak pooling up, but never explained that the point of resting was to allow those juices to redistribute so that they WOULDN'T run out all over the plate when he sliced it.

          aaron seems like a perfectly nice, likable guy, but i certainly don't get a sense of expertise or confidence from him that makes me think i'd learn anything from watching him. and as the OP stated, he's already too neely-esque. i've never even watched their show but i've seen their promos, and that's enough - they immediately jumped into my mind during aaron's pilot.

          interestingly, i thought lisa's pilot was the worst of the three, primarily because she seemed uncomfortable & forced. her speech patterns didn't flow. she definitely redeemed herself in my eyes as the season wore on in terms of her cooking chops and passion, but i never would have been able to watch her. too frenetic, and even though she may not mean to, she still comes across as condescending. age 13 must have been a turning point for her - one minute she's sunning herself in a bathing suit with no interest in catching fish, the next minute she's mastering zabaglione.

          can't say i was surprised, because i had already seen the spoiler earlier in the week, but it's still a huge disappointment to see just what a mess FN made of this.

          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

            I lolled at this ....

            "age 13 must have been a turning point for her - one minute she's sunning herself in a bathing suit with no interest in catching fish, the next minute she's mastering zabaglione."

            thanks for the first laugh of the day ghg!

            1. re: goodhealthgourmet

              I never liked Adam from the start, he seemed fake and forced ... I dunno..

              1. re: sugarsnapp

                i wasn't an adam believer either - it took the entire season for me to think he might have it in him. but he really came into his own in the vegas challenges, and i absolutely thought his pilot was clearly the best of the three.

                alas, it makes no difference now.

        2. OK, here are my questions to the Fraud Network: When was the finale videotaped? When is the first airing of Aaron's show, which was supposed to start the week after? When is his time slot?

          I sure would hate to be on the crew for his new show, since they will probably require dozens of takes and multiple subs for the food. Probably very long hours. But good steady employment for the editors, since their magic will be necessary for the voice-overs and covering up his amateur missteps. Aaron is nice enough, but he should nave been eliminated last week. And while plantains may work with pork or chicken or maybe even flank steak or carne asada, who pairs it with an expensive ribeye?

          I'll start the pool on how long his show lasts at four episodes max. Which is four times more than we should EVER see Tuschman's monotone about "this will change your life forever."

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          1. re: nosh

            I agree with nosh. I'm not sure I'd watch any of them, but I'd never watch Aaron. Predicting four episodes is generous.

            It all seemed like a set up. Didn't the public vote all the times before? At least then there's somewhat of a market out there. This show never had any real credibility, but now it's nothing but a two-month long commercial for a show that the network knows won't sell.

            1. re: Piranha

              >>> Predicting four episodes is generous

              ALL new shows on FN -- be they from finding someone on their own or past winners of NFNS -- six episodes. Then if they pick them up again they get another six. If they do it a third time, they get something like 14-20

          2. To my shock, all three did well with their "pilot" performances last night. I agree Adam did a shade better than the others, but all (again, surprisingly) good.

            Happy I called the winner correctly last week! Yea!

            As to will I watch the show. I may watch one or two out of curiosity. Other than that, I will do the same thing I do with any show ... read the online episode description of what they're cooking and if it sounds good I peek. If the show's good I stay, if it sucks I leave. Other than the shows that are on my blacklist (Sandra Lee for example), that's what I do with all the cooking shows, be it some one at the bottom of my list to the top, doesn't matter who's cooking as much as first do I want to see them cook xyz or not ... and then when I tune in, do they do it well and does the food or they hold my attention. Weird, I guess, but in the end to me, it's not personality, it's the cooking.

            1. I just want to know why none of the Judges commented negatively on the snotty "If I could master this at 13 then you can do it now" line. Did they seriously find that charming and "real"?

              While I like Aaron -- I do think Adam had a far more interesting premise to his pilot.

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              1. re: karmalaw

                I also thought Adam's premise was the most interesting but it was doomed because it seems to be the same as, or very close to, Aida's new show. The producer should have known that FN already had Aida's show in the lineup.

                I like Aaron, as well, but I can't understand a word he says and I thought his show was the worst of the three.

                1. re: whatsfordinner

                  It combined a lot of already-tried concepts: Tyler Florence's Food 911 (rescuing recipes), Sara Moulten used to get on the phone with callers who had questions about recipes, and yes, Ask Aida is the exact same thing.

              2. I was surprised- right before they announced it, I said that it was definitely not Aaron. Good for him though.
                How many episodes did the last winner's show get? It wasn't many...

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                1. re: JCap

                  HAHAHA! JCap, that's exactly what I said. When they did the close-ups of each of the three just before Bobby announced the winner, when they showed Aaron, I said, "He doesn't have a chance." I thought Aaron's pilot was the worst of all--it was obvious it was edited together from many many takes and that he never got comfortable on camera and gave them a decent take.

                  Nevertheless, I do like him and will watch his show --an episode or two at least--out of curiosity. I really hopes he gets more comfortable with the camera and they invest in training him at least a little. He's been their clear favorite all along and I really do think he knows how to cook. Did he always excel at their goofy challenges? No, but he seldom truly flopped with the food part--just with the camera/on air personality part. So, hopefully, he'll relax. Do the "stars" do their own writing for their shows, too? I hope they help him with that because occasionally, he exercises really poor judgment in some of the things he says.

                  I agree, actually, with most everything said in this thread. Why didn't someone tell Aaron not to wear a white shirt under a dark sweater?

                  Why did they like Lisa's comment "If I could master this at 13..." I thought it was kind of condescending.

                  And, yes, Adam's concept seems quite similar to Ask Aida. The difference is, Aida is someone with a lot of food knowledge. I have never understood all season everyone's comments here on Chowhound as well as on the show about what a natural performer Adam was. I found him frenetic and forced. A nice enough guy, I'm sure. Hopefully, this gives him confidence to do more of what he wants to do.

                  And Lisa, I really was pulling for her in the end. She does have moments of real charm.


                  1. re: The Dairy Queen

                    I don't like Aaron - I did at first, but not so much now. I really wanted Lisa to win, but they weren't looking for a woman - they have enough of those on the network.

                  2. re: JCap

                    <How many episodes did the last winner's show get? It wasn't many...>

                    She got 6 and then conveniently quit because she didn't like it.........

                    1. re: ChefJune

                      Wow, really? I wondered what happened to her ... Do you have some sort of inside scoop on this?

                      1. re: LulusMom

                        I read that she thought that the online community were being too viscious, nothin' compared to what will prolly be Aaron's fate..