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Jul 27, 2008 08:10 PM

sesame oil with no smell??

a friend gave me a bottle of cold expressed Hain brand sesame oil, and it smells sweet and faintly of coconut. is has a clear, pale golden color like corn oil. is this normal?

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  1. The cold pressed sesame oil I use is typically odorless, or nearly so, and has never smelled like coconut. Sesame oil is not always the same color. If it's cold pressed it's usually nearly without color. Sesame oil that I buy from the middle east is usually a golden color, something like corn oil, and sesame oil that I buy from the far east is often dark brownish color.
    Hard to say what you're working with there.

    1. It's not toasted so it won't really smell or taste like the darker asian finishing oil

      1. yes it's just untoasted unlike asian sesame oils. The flavor is not the same