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Jul 27, 2008 08:08 PM

Beard Papa's [moved from Ontario board]

Hi everyone. To my knowledge, there isn't a Beard Papa's cream puff store in Toronto yet, but there is out west. I haven't tried it, but according to an article I read (, their cream puffs are filled with a custard "inside an inner shell of choux pastry and an outer layer of pie crust". I'm just trying to figure out what that means and how they're able to do that. How do they encase a cream puff / choux pastry in pie dough (assuming that they bake it only once)? Hmm .... any descriptions and insights would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. I'm more interested in 'why' they encase the cream puff in a pie crust.

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      Yeah me too. Although I suspect they do it so that the exterior is nice and crispy/flaky.I would do that if I made a cream puff too, except that I'd encase it in puff pastry ... if that's possible at all. Or maybe grate some frozen pie dough over the choux right before baking. I don't even know if the puff is "encased" in pie dough, or maybe the pie dough is simply put on top. Or perhaps it's something similar to the topping they put on some chinese breads. Confuses the heck outta me.

    2. I have sampled one of these supposed delights, and I would say that they did not blow me away. The one I had was in Boston. It's merely a really puffy donut stuffed with cream. The texture reminds me over an over-raised crueller from Tim Hortons, pumped full of fluffy custard. I know they are popular, but I honestly don't see reason behind the hype. Maybe it is just not my cup of tea...