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Jul 27, 2008 07:44 PM

fresh oregano, now what?

picked up some amazing fresh herbs at the farmers market. I've never worked with fresh oregano - the leaves are so sturdy and the smell is divine. I have a Cuban cook book and a lot of the poultry recipes call for oregano. What other types of recipes should I seek out that will benefit from the fresh herbs?

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    1. What type of oregano is it?

      Here's a link to Chow ingrediants with info on the different types and some recipe ideas.

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      1. Just be sure to use the oregano judiciously - a little oregano goes a long way.

        1. I make a version of Amatriciana from a River Cafe Cookbook that uses a nice handful of it, if you are interested.

          1. What type of oregano, well that is a good question! I never bought it fresh before. The leaves are big and a bit fuzzy and very fragrant.

            I've looked in my Middle Eastern cookbooks but didn't find anything really, will look for some Greek recipes online.

            MMRuth, I'll pass on that recipe for now since I'm trying to watch the calories, but thanks.