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Jul 27, 2008 07:29 PM

Coconut milk pudding?

Have about 3/4 can of coconut milk in the fridge - I used a little bit to make a nice coconut icing for a carrot cake. I've been craving two things that feature coconut:

1) a coconut rice pudding - with black rice and fruit on top
2) coconut tapioca dessert

both are Thai type recipies but I can't find the black rice anywhere. Does anyone have any ideas for a coconut pudding (creamy, not solid) dessert that can satisfy my craving and use up the canned coconut?


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  1. We recently made a delicious cocnut cream pie with coconut milk.

    This intriguing recipe was also brought to my attention:
    I haven't made it but it is next on my list. If you make it, post back and let us know how it turns out

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      I also just made a coconut milk panna cotta.

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        mmm that sounds good. can you post the recipie?

        I ended up doing coconut tapioca pudding with bananas. It was divine!

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          Coconut Milk Panna Cotta:

          1 14.5 oz can coconut milk
          1/2 envelope unflavored geletin, dissolved in
          2 Tbl cold water for 10 minutes
          1/4 cup sugar
          1 tsp vanilla (I used 'Mexican" vanilla)

          Heat the coconut milk to a bare simmer. Remove from the heat. Stir in the sugar, then the geletin and vanilla. Pour into custard cups and chill overnight. Turn out onto dessert plates.

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            This Panna Cotta recipe looks simple and delicious! Can't wait to make this. I have also been craving coconut lately.....probably because summer is almost here. Will make this tomorrow. Thanks for the ideas.......

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      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. An stove top rice pudding, using the coconut milk instead of regular milk would work.

          For example you could cook 1/2 c of rice in 1 cup of water till tender, add the coconut milk and about the same amount of water. Add sugar to taste, and other spices if you like. Continue to cook till creamy. Or you could use both coconut milk and regular milk. With a stove top pudding proportions aren't critical, since you can adjust as you go along.

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            Second rice pudding. Scrape in a vanilla bean, then lime zest at the end. Top with fresh mango.

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              The OP asked about black rice (note the 2008 date). There is a Thai style that uses both black rice and coconut milk. Black sticky rice (a 'brown rice' version of sticky glutenous rice) is soaked, then steamed till tender. It is sweetened, and served with mango and coconut cream.

              Not quite the same as cooking rice in the coconut milk, but still has the coconut richness and flavor.

          2. I make coconut pudding often in the warmer months as my husband loves it. This recipe is my standby - it is very easy and people always enjoy it. It calls for regular mlik but I'm sure coconut milk would work just fine and lend more coconut flavor. People love it all on its own, even without the fruit garnishes in the recipe.


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              Cookie thanks for this recipe...........can't wait to try it. Looks amazingly refreshing.