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Jul 27, 2008 06:45 PM

Floating Rock chowdown review 7.23

A few other chowhounders and I visited Floating Rock this past Wednesday for a cambodian lunch. Small and pleasant atmosphere with a very friendly staff. It was my first time there, so the seasoned veterans took on the responsibility of ordering which included:

- lok lac
- tiger tears
- cambodian pad thai (with squid)
- fish cakes
- spicy chili pork

My personal favorites were the tiger tears (loved it!), lok lac and the cambodian pad thai. Overall, I would highly recommend a visit... or re-visit!

(this is linked to

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  1. the lok lac and tiger tear are both great! good cambodian food without driving to lowell...

    1. I just hit up Floating Rock for the first time as well, on Saturday after a visit to Revere Beach. Similar items consumed:

      - papaya salad (fantastic)
      - Cambodian pad thai (no meat, fantastic)
      - tiger tears (good, but not as good as I'd hoped)
      - spicy chili pork (great)
      - loc lac (great)
      - fish soup (bogarted by a pescetarian friend)

      Everything was great. The Tiger Tears probably fell victim to over-anticipation on my part. They weren't very spicy, though they were tasty. The papaya salad and pork had some good spice.

      Oh, and the pineapple and jackfruit shakes were good. The durian shake was, uh, well, at least it was cold.

      1. Great meal as usual. Nice to meet a few CH..old and new.

        BTW, if the Tiger Tears aren't spicy enough, the thin green peppers in venegar in the jars on each table are a great way to add some heat..cut them up or leave them whole for a real kick.