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Jul 27, 2008 06:08 PM

Flower Mound (& Nearby) Casual Dining Favorites?

Hi everyone... first post here though I've been lurking for a few days now. We eat out FAR too much, I just hate to cook. We are the laid back, jeans/tshirt/gym shoes kind of couple, choose casual comfortable over ritzy upscale any day. Unfortunately that means we spend lots of time in chains, and I'm hoping to get some suggestions here to broaden our dining horizons. Let me tell you what we like and don't like to save time.


1) Comfort food - meatloaf, roasts, mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, stews, etc.
2) Mexican - standard fare like enchiladas, tacos, tamales
3) Burgers, Pizza, Chinese, Pasta. Salads, Soup
4) Breakfast mmmm


1) Sushi (getting queasy just typing the word)
2) Seafood (only exception would be fried fish)

Yes, I know we're a Foodie's nightmare lol Try to take pity on us!

Here is a list of some of my favorite places to eat:

1) Chinese - Cafe 407 and Empress of China (both near 407 & Morriss)
2) Italian - Pazzo! (407 & Long Prairie) and Alfornos (Morriss near 2499) and Bari's Pizza & Pasta (eating in is delicious but we got their delivery and it really sucked)
3) Fish & Chips - Cotton Patch Cafe
4) BJ's Brewhouse - pricey but god I love everything we've ever ordered here
5) Cracker Barrel - and I don't even have my AARP card yet!
6) Wingstop - ok i'm an addict... I eat these for dinner at least once a week
7) Chistina's - i am not a bean person but their refried beans rock, love them all mashed like that lol
8) Le Peep - my favorite for breakfast, and their gooey buns are to die for. Recently tried Ham & Eggs (it was pretty good) and Cafe Brazil after reading about them here but wasn't too impressed sadly. Le Peep still gets my vote.

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  1. Oh yeah almost forgot my other favorite place to eat, Babe's Chicken House in Carrollton.

    1. I asked a similar question last week and here is the thread that came about ; the Mi Cocina is good.

      1. I've never really gotten the fascination with Mi Cocina, but i will say that i enjoyed their Tacos "de brisket." Here's the menu description: Four corn tortillas with shredded brisket, oven roasted overnight, queso blanco, arroz, ensalada and sliced avocado." I thought the flavor was really good. Also, based on some of your other italian faves, have you tried Palio's...very casual. Another Carrollton option to try is Agave Azul.

        1. FlowerMoundGirl,

          Unfortunately for all of us in that area there aren't just great restaurants in the area. Taldeac posted my suggestions. A few other are as follows:

          Frosty's Drive In - Denton (South Side) - Has a great nostalgia feel to it. Gret root beer if you nix the ice. Burgers are decent but nothing to write home about but the milkshakes and malts are handmade and with quality ingredients! If going from Flower Mound head out 407, pass Lantana, dead end into Bartonville, make the run and procedd down the road (do not turn at the stop light in the middle of no where) and proceed down 1830 until it runs into 377 turn right and Frostys will be about another mile or so down on the left before you get to I-35. The drive might just be the best part!

          Same are as above but on the service road of 35 and Ft Worth Dr is Kolache Haven. If you have a chance one morning I would recommend it. Flavors vary greatly and they are better than Kolache Depot on 407 in Highland Village. The sausage koblasniks are fileld with sausage from Fischer's in Muenster - some with Syracuse but you can tell the difference. Ask for the Fischer's ones if you are hungry for meat!!
          301 I 35 East Denton, TX 76205

          First Chinese BBQ - Carrollton - CASH ONLY - Unfortunately for you have been eating the not so good stuff. If you make the trek to Beltline and Josey in Carrollton it will be well worth it. You will be hard pressed to ever go back to the other "Americanized" Chinese food again. If you want authentic Chinese (well as close as you can get). First Chinese BBQ in Carrollton is actually amongst a neighborhood of taquerias and Vietnamese. I have suggested this place many times but for a view of some of the dishes that either aren't on the menu or hard to find on it, I have left a review on Donna's blog (look at the comments). The roast duck or chicken are always good and they do have standard Americanized fare that is better than most. I usually skip all of that.

          Pho Pastuer II and Bahn Mi Ba Hue (Carrollton) - For the Vietnamese places in Carrollton close to First Chinese BBQ I would suggest Pho Pasteur II and Bahn Mi Ba Hue. Pho Pastuer recently remodeled and looks very nice and has kept up the consistency. Pho is always great, Bun Bo Hue (spicier than Pho, thicker noodles and a little bit of every meat and even blood cake) is good, Bun Cha Hanoi (small bowl of barbecued pork (and supposedly a pork patty) in a savory salty/sweet sauce and comes with a huge plate of greens, sprouts and bun (noodles)) is a new addition to the menu is good but not quite as good as other places say in Garland. Bahn Mi Ba Hue (maybe cash only) is purely a to go sandwich shop I believe they have about 5-6 meat options. If you buy 5 sandwiches at $2 a piece you get a sixth free. I liked the sausage and thit nuong (BBQed pork).

 - for Bahn Mi...has a mention of Ba Hue
 - more on bahn mi in Dallas

          El Pollo Regio (Carrollton) - For another unique local chain I really like El Pollo Regio just for a simple chile rubbed chicken over the charcoal grill, you get about 6-8 corn tortillas, 2 large halved onions that were grilled, some great charro beans and rice. A full chicken dinner will set you back $11.99 plus tax included but able to fill up two very hungry adults. (I believe it is CASH ONLY


 - (the one in Carrollton would be the closest off Belt Line just east of the Josey intersection

          Babe's - Carrollton - You already know suprise there

          La Hacienda Ranch (local chain) - For great fajitas and salsa (ask for no salt on the chips as it gets overwhelming). Steaks and fajitas are big here but they also have a well rounded menu.

          Nuevo Leon (Farmers Branch) - Good for more Mex-Mex than Tex Mex. I like the poblano soup and the green mole (eventhough it is not the authentic green mole from Oaxaca


          G's Burgen Den - Lewisville - Probably my second best burger in the metroplex behind Wingfield's in Oak Cliff. No one knows about it b/c it is easy to pass by it. Located on the NWC of Corporate Dr and I-35. It is big in the area at lunch time so avoid it during the work week at lunch other than that the couple who runs it are a very nice couple and make a perfect burger!

          Corrinne's Catfish - Lewisville - Another family run place. Some of the best sides and catfish I have tried in a very long while. Even one night I went close to closing and the fish is freshly fried not sitting under a heat lamp. Everything on the menu was good to really good! Located on the southbound service road to Interstate 35 between Main St and Fox Ave in the only yellow building!

          Wo-Max Chicago Style Pizza - Flower Mound - I am not sure if Wo-Max is still open on 3040 and 2499 close to Culvers but it is decent for a Chicago Style Deep Dish pizza. I thought the crust was a bit doughy and undercooked but it has been about 2 years since I have had a pie from there.

          Latte Da Dairy - Flower Mound - If you are big into cheese Flower Mound is home to one of the areas best cheese makers and Anne recently won at the American Cheese Society's Annual Meeting. She won for her Feta with Black Olive. Available at most CM and WF...join her email list and tour her farm on her open house! Also she is at Grapevine Farmers Markets most weekends during the summer!

          I would recommend again Mi Patio....not fancy and might be a bit warm but the family running the place makes excellent food even close to long time competitors Angelina's this place blows them away!!

          Bliss Frozen Yogurt - Lewisville - In the same shopping center as BJ's Brewhouse is well worth your visit, naysayers will try to say Natsumi (Knox-Henderson) is better but I think they are the same. Fresh tart frozen yogurt with a tang mixed with fresh ingredients (berries) is a good way to round off a summer evening

          Shake's Frozen Custard - Carrollton - Old Denton and Hebron - They took this palce away from Lewisville and put in a drive in grocery (dumb idea). Best custard in the area. Yes it is better than Culvers and has less high school miscrients behind the counter.

          I have a whole other list for Denton and more Carrollton recs if you are willing to make the short drive. Just let me know. This should get you started though.

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          1. re: LewisvilleHounder

            Love Shakes' Frozen Custard! It's a regional chain. I've been lucky enough to have one of these pretty much everywhere I've ever lived (the chain started out in Arkansas then grew to first college towns in Texas, then suburbs).

            Also good for a regular bowl of pho is Pho Bistro at Frankford & Old Denton in Carrollton.

            1. re: LewisvilleHounder

              City Hall is a new place in the Keller Arthouse area and I recommend it. This is the first white tablecloth place in the Keller/Southlake area that has good, honest food. The menu runs from burgers to fancy fish and big steaks (this is Texas) but the prices don't get out of control. The wine list is not extensive but there were many good bottles. The place is chef owned and run and has an open kitchen. Good for families

            2. I would suggest "In to the Glass" in Grapevine on Main Street. The owner Wayne is a true character and always has an eclectic and diverse menu. It's billed as a wine bar but is far from that pretentious feel. I have been eating there for 4 years now and have yet to get tired of it.

              I also really enjoy Fireside Pies in Grapevine as well as Campania Pizza in Southlake. Both with great pizza and a couple of solid pasta dishes.

              La Cierra in Flower Mound is pretty reasonable as well.

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                I agree about In the Glass. Food is fantastic. Hidden in plain site on Main street in Grapevine.