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Acadiana Cafe or Cajun place- San Antonio

jme1beachbum Jul 27, 2008 05:39 PM

Anyone been here? A customer told me they love it, but they may also love taco bell so who knows? Looking for a good, inexpensive cajun/creole place. Would love it to have Lousiana style BBQ shrimp, but not a necessity.

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    HollyDolly RE: jme1beachbum Jul 29, 2008 10:22 AM

    I have never eaten there so can't say how it is. There is a place called Louie LeDeux in The Forum at Olympia Hills thay has mainly seafood and might have what you like.

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      Bring Back the Stein RE: jme1beachbum Jul 29, 2008 01:12 PM

      Cajun or Creole, or is it too nerdy to ask for the distinction? Ma Harper's on W.W. White is awesome. So is Podna's on Austin Highway. I'd rate the catfish po'boys better at the latter and the gumbo, by a nose, better at the former. But both are pretty great. Podna's has a drive-thru. Ma Harper's is more of a sit-down experience.

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        jme1beachbum RE: Bring Back the Stein Jul 29, 2008 04:02 PM

        I wish I knew the difference...but thanks for the tips!

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        ThursdayNightSupperClub RE: jme1beachbum Aug 2, 2008 04:32 PM

        I haven't been to Acadiana Cafe in a few months, but at one time I could've considered myself something of a regular there. The food is very much like what I used to get when I lived in Lafayette, Louisiana: fresh seafood, good boudin (they used to bring it from Lafayette; maybe they still do), good portions. I've also been to several other more down-home Cajun-style restaurants in town, but Acadiana's still a favourite. Reasonably authentic, cleaned up for the mainstream palate, in a pleasant atmosphere.

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          rebel6731 RE: jme1beachbum Aug 5, 2008 08:25 PM

          Congrats on getting me to join, as this topic speaks to my heart and stomach. This is my first post, but I have been lurking here for a while.

          Anyway, I concur with "BB the Stein"'s two recommendations. Podna's is great for Po' Boys and their jalapeno catfish is great. Ma' Harper does great gumbo and I highly recommend the fried pork chops and jambalaya.

          A few other places to check out are Bernard's Creole Kitchen. He's a Katrina refugee who bought a house on Palo Alto off of SW Military and turned it into a restaurant. It's not fancy, but Bernard is generous with his portions. And the food is incredible. He's not open late, so it's more of a lunch place. Also, his menu changes monthly, but he has several standbys that are always on the menu. The drunken chiken is to die for.

          Bourbon St. Seafood Kitchen, while a little pricier than the above mentioned locales, is pretty good. Definitely more of a sit down restaurant, but the etoufee is good and the salad dressings impress. Plus, it has a cool looking bar, although I've only been there at lunch.

          I would choose any of the above over Acadiana. I've been to Acadiana once, but have been to the others several times.

          Cheers and good luck.

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