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Jul 27, 2008 05:26 PM

new euro cafe in fairfax, va?

there was a blurb in the Wash Post food section several weeks ago on a bakery/cafe in Farifax... I recall they served Illy coffee and pastries and sandwiches.

I've googled this and can't find anything. Any help? Thanks.

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  1. You might be thinking of Pastry Xpo in one of those new buildings at Gallows Rd. and Lee Highway - cross street is Strawberry Lane. The strip with the restaurants is on the back side (not the Gallows Road side) of the building, and there's a parking lot back there. Also a Noodles & Company open and a Cold Stone Creamery and Four Sisters (Vietnamese) restaurant under construction, and Chipotle across the lot in the next building.

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      That's it. Thanks! Have you tried it? I have a little more than an hour to kill on Mondays in that area.

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        I've been there twice for lunch (both Mondays, in fact, I think). I had sandwiches each time, once turkey, once smoked salmon. They're prepared ahead of time which may put some off, but mine stored well. Someone else who had the salmon sandwich reported that the cream cheese made the roll somewhat soggy. Mine wasn't. Probably a matter of timing.

        I haven't tried the pastries or chocolates yet, just one cookie which was good. Two recent reports from here: