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Jul 27, 2008 05:04 PM

Best Frozen Yogurt locations in San Diego / SoCal?

My question is, what are the best frozen yogurt stores in San Diego? My favoriate is Ce Fiore, but the closest one I know of is in LA. I'll sometimes go to Pinkberry in Irvine or downtown San Diego (30 mins away). This is my list:

The Best
Ce Fiore in Little Tokyo
Ce Fiore in Temple City
Pinkberry in Irvine Spectrum

Haven't tried but close to me
Pinkberry in downtown San Diego

I've tried all the yogurt places in Convoy and they just weren't what I was looking for as far as the yogurt flavor and the taste of their fruit. Red Mango was the best among them and I'll give them a second try. I also like a place in UTC behind the Mariott (hidden, forgot the name).

What's great about Ce Fiore in Little Tokyo and Temple City is the fruit they use. I get strawberry, mango, blueberry, and sometimes pineapple. Pinkberry in Irvine also had good fruit. More importantly, you can eat just the plain yogurt at Ce Fiore and nothing else, and it's delicious. The yogurt is tart and light, and nothing else. Pinkberry is slightly heavier in taste, and also delicious by itself plain flavor.

I hear they're trying to open a Ce Fiore in San Diego, but I've waiting on that rumor for over a year now. =)

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  1. a new one will be opening up across from Flowerhill mall in Del mar.. by the Pier one.. in about 2 months.. should be great..

      1. re: DougOLis

        Yeah, I was shocked to see it but apparently so if I'm not mistaken. It's at the new Hard Rock Hotel:

        209 5th St.
        San Diego, CA 92101
        P 619.231.4475

        I've only been to the Pinkberry in Irvine but I hope this is just as good. Only problem for me is I'm in UTC so it's a bit of a drive and parking is tricky. I pass by Irvine whenever I drive to LA, so it's a convenient stop.

        1. re: DougOLis

          and another due to open soon at Robinson and 4th. How many yogurt places does it take to fill a hillcrest?

          1. re: Fake Name

            "How many yogurt places does it take to fill a Hillcrest?" Funny!

            Here in Little Italy, we have Red Mango, and rumor has it someone else is opening soon.

        2. I noticed a new Pinkberry going in one the corner of 4th and Robinson (near Crest Cafe) in Hillcrest last night. Not open yet, but signs are up!

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          1. re: abacal

            I have been underwhelmed by Pinkberry (we have one here in Temecula.) We have a new one that is a ripoff of Pinkberry (similar decor, walls & floors etc) called White Lime. The yogurt tastes much, much better, and they sell by the ounce, which I prefer. I wouldn't be surprised to find White Lime is a chain.

            1. re: drucie

              We attempted to stop in at Pinkberry to recharge during the Comic Con but the line was so long we just figured it was the line for the Lost panel running amok. ;-)

              A few blocks up however we came across Yogo Tango.

              Same premise, great yogurt.

              My wife proclaimed she wanted to eat an "entire vat" of it, which is something I would pay to watch.


              On 4th avenue, downtown.

              1. re: Ewilensky

                Yogo Tango, that was the one I went to on Friday! I wanted to go to Pinkberry, but halfway there we didn't want to walk and stopped by Yogo Tango. They have different product offerings, including yogurt smoothies.

                It's kind of like a fusion of Pinkberry and Jamba Juice. I got their smoothie of a scoop of yogurt, strawberry, banana, orange juice, and some ice. Was a pretty original and good smoothie - not something I'll order all the time but different and enjoyable.

                They also serve tea, which I'm a big fan of.

                The funny thing is, I found out about Yogo Tango because as we were walking we saw a stream of people walking the opposite way carrying smoothies. Smothies to go are free advertisement. =)

                1. re: royaljester

                  The Pinkberry line on Friday was so long as well -- I imagine things are much different today now the comic con is over, I mean I only saw 2 darth vaders walking around this morning, which is about average for most of the year ;-)

              2. re: drucie

                I think it must either vary by location or person preference, because I've heard the same impression about both Pinkberry and Ce Fiore about specific locations. Great to see there's good competition though! That makes at least 6 competitors I know of in Socal (PB, CF, Red Mango, Yogurt World, Yogurt [something else], and that other one in downtown San Diego.

                Most competitors to PB and CF have a thicker formula, which tastes more like traditional frozen yogurt. That's possibly a good thing depending on personal taste. What I personally like about the lighter formula is it's halfway inbetween italian ice and frozen yogurt - very enjoyable by itself and light in calories.

            2. When you were on Convoy did you try Yogurt World? Because if that's not good, I don't know what is.

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              1. re: Radical347

                There's two "Yogurt [forgot]" in Convoy. Is that the new one next to Tea Station, or the first one next to Tapioca Express? The one next to Tapioca express is alright and very popular. It's very different than Ce Fiore or Pinkberry, so it's up to personal taste.

                I haven't tried the new one next to Tea Station yet since I just found out about it. I heard one strong recommendation for it so far.

                1. re: royaljester

                  Yogurt World is the one in the same strip mall as Tapioca Express.

                  Yogurt Lounge is the one next to Tea Station.

                  YW has more tart flavors than YL (YL only has plain and 1 other flavor that changes). Besides that though, I don't notice a major difference in quality as far as the plain tart goes between the two. Despite this YW is still packed everytime I go by whereas YL is far less popular. Like someone else also mentioned the big plus about YL is the fact that there is ample parking.

                  1. re: mliew

                    And there's also a RedBerry (obviously a knockoff of the Pinkberry name) that's on the southern part of Convoy (next to Nijiya).

                    1. re: Green_Turtle

                      It's actually called Red Mango, not berry. Haven't tried it yet thought so not sure how the quality compares to YL/YW. I do know that its not self serve though so its more like Pinkberry in that they construct your yogurt for you.

                      1. re: mliew

                        No, Green Turtle is right, it's called RedBerry. (Red Mango is a different yogurt store. I know, all these places have similar names. It's like 'You pick two of the following: the word 'yogurt/any fruit/any color/generic location name')

                        Anyway, RedBerry is cheaper but it's probably the worst fro-yo place I've ever tried.

                        1. re: Radical347

                          Whoops, I stand corrected. Just when I thought I had all the names down for sure :). Too bad its actually not a Red Mango because as I understand it Red Mango is supposed to be the "original" tart yogurt shop from Korea that Pinkberry copied.

                          1. re: Radical347

                            Agreed, we were very underwhelmed with the quality. I would much rather wait in line for Yogurt World than eat Redberry again.
                            Redberry is one of the places where they claim all the yogurts are fat free, but the ones claiming Fat Free at other places are still much better.

                            There is a place called Fro Yo on Linda Vista Rd/Morena Blvd (next to Home Brew Mart) that has been hit-n-miss. I actually enjoyed their tarts and no-sugar-added flavors, but the non-tarts are either flavored too strongly or have no flavor.

                      2. re: mliew

                        Yogurt Lounge has roughly the same amount of flavors of Yogurt World. They had plain tart and at least one other tart flavor last weekend.

                        I did a comparison between Yogurt World and Yogurt Lounge this weekend.

                        1. re: daantaat

                          Great review. Parking and a good place to relax are definitely a plus. The nice thing about self serve is perfect portions and mix - reminds me of back when AM/PM did frozen yogurt with all you can add toppings

                  2. Does El Cajon count as San Diego? :)
                    Cause for my money, no one beats the Yogurt Mill on Broadway in El Cajon...
                    Sketchy location, but lines out the door all summer long... No other yogurt has ever quite done it for me.