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Jul 27, 2008 04:38 PM

steeping question - chilis and apple

i'm going to try to make one of my favorite drinks. it's vodka steeped with thai chili and apple. . . then muttled with thai basil and mixed with some fresh sour mix. topped with a little soda water. delicious!

so - how long do you think i need to steep the vodka and chili apple? should i muddle it at all? how long is it good for? should i skin the apple?

any help much appreciated. . . never done this before.

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  1. So, I am not exactly sure what to do either, but I have some suggestions. The guys at infusions of grandeur did a experiment with the best way to infuse vodka with apples. The results are here:
    That would help you figure out with apples. From what I've read, chilis tend to infuse very very quickly can become overpowering. So while the apples have a much longer infusion time, the chilis should probably be added later. Then tastings should commence every few hours until you get enough of the chili flavor.

    1. If I may make a suggestion: infuse the chili's in a separate bottle of vodka, then you don't have to worry about them overpowering the apple, and you can parcel it out in amounts depending on how happy the person drinking is with more or less spiciness. ...

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        good idea - thanks xaga and fussycouple. this will be a fun weekend project!

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          Apples will take longer than a weekend to fully infuse. More like a week or two. The chilis will infuse heat in a few hours but if you want flavor that will take a week or two as well.