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Jul 27, 2008 04:26 PM

Low-Key, Great Food for Party (20-30 people)?

I'm seeking a place with a warm, comfortable neighborhood atmosphere to hold a birthday party for my father's 70th this December. It would be great if there was a private room or some sort of space where we won't be mixed in with too many other tables and can hear each other talk.

We don't want to book anywhere too expensive, but the food *has* to be simple, flavorful and good. Family-style Italian or a steakhouse are my first thoughts -- though I'm open to others. Ideas in the $30ish per person price range greatly appreciated.


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  1. Hmmm...$30/head for a private dining room or a private area of a restaurant will be tough in NYC -- especially in Manhattan. December is also prime holiday party season, so you will be competing with corporate dinners who have budgets to pay higher prices -- even in this economy. Is this for dinner or are you open to lunch or brunch? If you are set on dinner, try Congee Village on Allen Street -- they have private dining rooms and I know that at least one of them can fit 20 people, as I had my engagement dinner there. If you are open to a brunch or lunch option, try Jane Restaurant on West Houston Street -- they have a private dining room that can fit up to 35 and the price for bruch is around $30/person.

    Good luck.

    1. Just realized I can't edit a post any more. I meant to say <$30 per entree. With wine, etc. I'm figuring $75-100 per person.